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Workcation – From a Myth to Reality

July 14, 2020
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We had been on the road for 3 months, riding across Northern-India, and had made a pit-stop in this remote village of Losar on the way to Kaza. It had been a grueling day of riding from Pang to here, and the weather had not been kind. We straightened our backs and began pitching the tents before it could get dark. Though, Lloyd and I wanted to have a quick smoke before we began, but Alfred as usual, wanted us to get around to it immediately. Exhausted and a bit irritated, the task of pitching the tent had become more arduous than usual. I leaned back to stretch my neck, and looked up at this majestic vista, and was completely captivated by it. Somewhere in between of being overtly overwhelmed by what I was experiencing, I had this thought of: 

“What if, one day I could travel and still continue to make money? What if I could have a proper job without having to be restricted to one physical location? What if I could work remotely? What if I could be on a Workcation?”

We have always struggled to create a healthy work-life balance; however, this pandemic has brought out the great potential that remote work has. With most organizations having moved to remote work or Work from Home/WFH culture; organizations have seen the benefits of it and how it had improved agility. Organizations can now save huge costs that were earlier spent on infrastructure, and employees can have complete flexibility in choosing where to work from. This is a win-win situation for all, if there is good network connection.

Out-stationed candidates can benefit from this immensely, as they can work with big multi-national companies based in metropolitan cities, without having to leave their hometowns. This also could let them save the huge expense of accommodation that they would have incurred, if they stayed in the metropolitan cities. This also can be a life-changing opportunity for the nomads with wanderlust in their hearts. A Permanent Workcation!

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Instead of creating a distinctive divide between work and personal life, workcations promote the idea that they don’t have to be that separate after all. Workcations let you work where you please to work from while adhering to certain organizational guidelines. The conscious effort of a workcation is to separate you from your permanent work environment, which helps you focus on your job by removing distractions. It is a move with the clear intent to ignore the daily routine and address that constant need to be in different places. Not only can we work remotely, but we can learn remotely too. After the pandemic, all educational bodies are moving towards the culture of online learning and creating robust online learning platforms. 

Workcations focus on being more freeform, mainly about getting into different physical environments. The incorporation of nature is often a huge part in boosting efficiency, brilliant creativity, and also promoting mental well-being and health, along with being tremendously relaxing.

So, where do you want to go for your first Workcation??

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