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Things to do in Phillip Island: For an Incredible trip to Melbourne, Victoria

April 05, 2024
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Explore Phillip Island, the home of the Bunurong People, and find seaside hamlets and fishing villages, iconic fauna, breathtaking coastal vistas, and major motorsport events. Get up close to small penguins on the beach, meet snoozing koalas, and cheer on Grand Prix winners as you explore Phillip Island, which is less than two hours from Melbourne.

phillip island

Tired of the hustle and bustle of Melbourne? Instead, go to Phillip Island and explore its great attractions! The island is well-known as a popular tourist destination, with many interesting sights and activities!

List of fun things to do in Phillip Island

1. Watch the penguin parade

penguin parade

Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of the most popular attractions and one of the best things to do on the island. This must-see parade features penguins on the shore returning from a long day of fishing and being in their natural surroundings.

There are Phillip Island tickets to watch Penguin parade, you directly buy it offline as well as online.

  • Opening hours: Daily: 5:00pm - 9:00pm

2. Admire the view at the Nobbies Boardwalk

Nobbies Boardwalk

Another Phillip Island attraction can be experienced through appreciating the island's natural splendour, take a stroll down the Nobbies boardwalk and see the incredible blowhole, a stunning sea cave that thunders during large southern swells.

  • Location: 1320 Ventnor Road, Summerlands, Victoria, 3922

3. Walk the Cape Woolamai Trail

Cape Woolamai Trail

If you enjoy exploring on foot, the Cape Woolamai route is a must-see destination for you in Phillip Island! It offers amazing views of Phillip Island and the surrounding coastline, this highest point, is home to thousands of shearwater birds between October and April. It's an 8.5-kilometer circuit walk that can take about 2.5 hours to complete.

  • Highlight: Sightseeing cruise of Cape Woolamai

4. Experience a seal watching cruise

seal watching cruise

A 2-hour trip offers the opportunity to view seals! The catamaran, which has both interior and outdoor viewing decks, is the best way to witness Australia's largest fur seal population.

You might be lucky on the journey and spot dolphins, penguins, or even whales. These tours usually include a guide who will teach you about Phillip Island's animals and history. These excursions last roughly two hours.

  • Location: 11 The Esplanade, Cowes, Victoria, 3922

5. Discover the Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Discover the Churchill Island Heritage Farm

This is one of the coolest Phillip Island activities. The Churchill farm provides everyday farming activities and walks around the island. Daily farming duties include cow milking, sheep shearing, whip cracking, and working dogs.

This activity is appropriate for families with children; keep in mind that a visit to the Churchill Island Heritage Farm is included in the 4 Park Pass if you're interested in visiting other destinations as well.

  • Location: Samuel Amess Drive, Churchill Island, Victoria, 3925

6. Go on a wine and beer trail tour

Go on a wine and beer trail tour

The wine and beer tour are one of the most fascinating experiences to learn more about the local culture. Here, ou can visit a local cheese factory and taste cheese before moving on to a couple of wineries to taste wine. The tour includes visit a local brewery where you can learn more about local produce and have the opportunity to do some sightseeing as you move from one location to another!

7. Join a Phillip Island Helicopter tour

oin a Phillip Island Helicopter tour

A chance to see Phillip Island from a completely different and breathtaking perspective. From above, you will be astounded by the beauty of Australia's coastline and natural treasures. You'll get see the aerial views of all the major attractions on Phillip Island, including Cape Woolamai, Seal Rocks, the Australian Grand Prix track, Summerland Bay, where you can see a penguin parade, and more.

The helicopter tour usually lasts 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to take make you feel mesmerized by the beauty of Phillip Island.

8. Experience Phillip Island Caravan Parks

Experience Phillip Island Caravan Parks

For Victorian families and visitors, camping and caravanning holidays on Phillip Island evoke many nostalgic recollections. Whether you are pitching a tent, setting up your camper, or staying in a cabin, you will find the perfect location to stay on Phillip Island.

Phillip Island Accommodation

Phillip Island has a great selection of hotels and motels to meet everyone's needs! Cowes is the hub of the island, including hotels and motels such as the Seahorse Motel, Arthur Phillip Motor Inn, Tropicana Motor Inn, Coachman Motel and Holiday Units, and North Pier Hotel. For the people looking for Phillip Island Accommodation near the beach, they can look into Beachside Bliss, Beachfront Penthouse and many more other places. One can also explore Phillip Island Resorts, i.e. Ramada Resort, Silverwater resort.

How to get to Phillip Island from Melbourne?

By car

It is a 90-minute journey from Melbourne. You can take the Monash Motorway (M1) to the Cranbourne exit, then turn onto the South Gippsland Highway (M420). Follow this route to the Bass Highway (A420), past Grantville and Bass, and then onto the Phillip Island Road (B420) to San Remo, crossing the bridge in the direction of Phillip Island.

By bus

V-line operates a bus service from Melbourne's Southern Cross Station to the major town of Cowes. The bus travel takes about 2 hours to reach the San Remo bridge, and then another 20-25 minutes to Cowes.

By train

For those preferring the train, keep in mind that you’ll have to combine the train and a bus drive to get to Phillip Island. The closest train station to the island is Dandenong, once you arrive at Dandenong, you catch the bus to Phillip Island, which again takes an approximately 1-hour journey to Phillip Island.


Phillip Island is a great place to visit for a weekend getaway from Melbourne. There are plenty of things to see and do, from watching the penguin parade to exploring the Nobbies boardwalk. If you're looking for a relaxing getaway, Phillip Island is the perfect place to unwind.

Frequently Asked Questions   

Q1. What are the must-see attractions on Phillip Island?

A1. The Penguin Parade, Nobbies Boardwalk, Cape Woolamai Trail, Seal Watching Cruise, Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Wine and Beer Trail Tour, Helicopter Tour, and Phillip Island Caravan Parks are some of the top attractions you shouldn't miss.

Q2. How can I witness the famous Penguin Parade on Phillip Island?

A2.The Penguin Parade occurs daily from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Tickets can be purchased both online and offline.

Q3. What activities are available for families with children on Phillip Island?

A3. Families can go for all the mentioned activities but to exclusively experience certain activities they can enjoy daily farming activities at the Churchill Island Heritage Farm, suitable for all ages.

Q4. Are there any specific highlights for accommodation and dining near the beach on Phillip Island?

A4. Yes, there are several options for beachfront accommodation and dining, such as Beachside Bliss and Beachfront Penthouse, providing a relaxing coastal experience.

Q5. How do I travel to Phillip Island from Melbourne?

A5 .You can drive, take a bus, or use a combination of train and bus services. By car, it's approximately a 90-minute journey from Melbourne. V-line operates a bus service from Southern Cross Station, or you can take a train to Dandenong and then catch a connecting bus to Phillip Island.

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