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For Supply Partners
Educational and marketing technology inspiring travel.


For Travel Partners
To provide exceptional educational services to enhance our travel partners’ knowledge and help them uplift their business and selling skills.

About Us:

TBO is a truly global, multi-billion-dollar company with its presence in over 110+ countries across the globe. The company is rapidly expanding and growing each passing year. TBO Academy is a unique tool that is empowering travel professionals to simplify their Growth and expand their revenues. With over 100k+ travel buyers across 110+ countries, the growth rate is exponentially increasing.
With us, Travel buyers can LEARN MORE, SELL MORE, EARN MORE!

For Tourism brands and products, TBO Academy helps creating a market or expanding in an existing one, educational marketing tools.

Owing to the dynamic and rapid evolution in the tourism industry, training and upgrading to the latest travel trends can be challenging. Studies conducted by the World Tourism Organization revealed higher sales incurred by travel agencies with eLearning programs and communities of practice in place. Launched in 2018, TBO Academy has grown to become the leading e-learning platform for travel partners with over 100+ free travel courses online. When travel agents get to learn about business skills and destination information on TBO Academy, they update themselves on efficient performance practices.

TBO Academy intends to automate online travel training process for travel agents across the world which helps ensure that travel agents are up to date with all the latest travel trends and information. TBO Academy offers eLearning content about different travel destinations, hotels, airlines, cruises and business insights, which in turn help travel agents sell these travel solutions better and upgrade their knowledge. It also provides certificates after course completion and an opportunity to win exciting prizes from globally recognized travel brands.


For Travel Partners
  • For Travel Partners
  • Free travel specific educational services for all TBO partners
  • Global content curated by travel and learning experts
  • Multilingual content
For Supply Partners
  • For Supply Partners
  • Platform accessed by over 60000+ travel agents from 100+ countries.
  • Brand showcased to the target market
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