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Top 15 Things to Do in Victoria: Exploring Melbourne and Beyond

April 05, 2024
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Hugging the tip of Australia's east coast, Melbourne, Victoria is a treasure trove of diverse landscapes and captivating attractions, all within a compact expanse. It offers an incredible blend of a rich past, sweeping coastlines, and a thriving metropolitan culture. Known for its wineries, pristine wellness retreats, and majestic mountains, there is a unique blend of countless things to do in Victoria that tourists can enjoy year-round.

Whether a visitor is interested in history, the arts, or culture, Melbourne, Victoria offers a range of experiences that will appeal to them. You'll be greeted by sweeping coastlines, home to iconic rock formations like the Twelve Apostles, and lush national parks like Grampians National Park, teeming with wildlife. With so many exciting things to do in Victoria, it's hard to stop at 10, but these are must-do activities for every visitor.

 Australia's east coast

1. Penguin Parade on Phillip Island: Philip Island is famous for its wildlife and stunning coastal landscapes, is a must-visit destination. Witness the famous Penguin Parade, where little penguins come out of the ocean and across the beach back to their burrows.

Penguin Parade on Phillip Island

  • Location: 10/167 Beavers Road, Northcote, Victoria, 3070

2. Wildlife Exploration in Phillip Island Nature Park: You can also visit the Koala Conservation Centre and enjoy the beautiful beaches and rugged cliffs. The island's wildlife is diverse and unique.

Wildlife Exploration in Phillip Island Nature Park

  • Location: 1810 Phillip Island Road, Rhyll, Victoria, 3923

3. Adventure Sports at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit: For adventure seekers, the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit offers one of the most fun things to do in Victoria, including go-karting and track days.

  • Location: 381 Back Beach Road, Ventnor, Victoria, 3922

4. Cycling Vine Tours around Mornington Peninsula: The Mornington Peninsula is a perfect blend of stunning beaches, vineyards, and natural hot springs. Cycle through breathtaking coastal scenery, learn about local history, sample fresh vegetables, sip cold climate wine, and much more.

 Cycling Vine Tours around Mornington Peninsula

  • Location: Arthurs Seat, Victoria, 3936

5. Culinary Delights on Bellarine Taste Trails: Take the scenic drive around the Bellarine Taste Trails. Along the Bellarine Taste Trail, indulge your palate with the finest that the Bellarine Peninsula has to offer. To taste the delicacies of the area, visit farmgates, provedores, restaurants, and cafes. Take a tour or plan a self-drive epicurean trip over the course of a weekend, mapping up your own schedule.

Culinary Delights on Bellarine Taste Trails

  • Location: 95 Eastern Beach Road 3220

6. Sightseeing Along the Great Ocean Road: Drive through the 243-kilometer Great Ocean Road, one of the best things to do in Victoria. Cherish the picturesque coastal road trips in the world, along Melbourne/ Victoria's breathtaking southwest coast. Enjoy the expansive vistas as the route meanders through verdant rainforests, across river estuaries, along cliff faces, and up to stunning headlands.

Sightseeing Along the Great Ocean Road:

  • Location: Great Ocean Road, Princetown, Victoria, 3269

7. Marvel at the Twelve Apostles: A collection of limestone rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles rises spectacularly from the Southern Ocean. Explore these famous natural wonders and enjoy the magnificent views of Melbourne/ Victoria's spectacular coastline. See the untamed beauty of the well-known 12 Apostles, stunning rock formations that rise majestically.

Marvel at the Twelve Apostles

  • Location: Great Ocean Road, Princetown, Victoria, 3269

8. Nature Exploration in Grampians: Explore the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park to find vast and untamed mountain ranges, breathtaking displays of wildflowers, an abundance of outdoor recreational possibilities, and several Aboriginal rock art sites.

Nature Exploration in Grampians

  • Location: 277 Grampians Road, Halls Gap, 3381, Australia

9. Visit MacKenzie Falls: Take a scenic view of the renowned MacKenzie Falls in Melbourne, Victoria, one of the region’s biggest and most breathtaking waterfalls. Water cascades over towering rocks into a deep pool, releasing beautiful sprays of rainbow mist far into the air above a spectacular canyon all year, no doubt visiting this waterfall is one of the best things to do in Victoria.

 Visit MacKenzie Falls

  • Location: Grampians National Park, Northern Grampians Road, Zumsteins, Victoria, 3401

10. Wine Tasting in Yarra Valley: An hour's drive from Melbourne takes you to the wine lover's nirvana that is the Yarra Valley. Discover the several wineries and indulge in fine dining and wines. Although in the past wine played a significant role, there are now many other options available, such as learning about Australian winemaking, fresh vegetables from the area, and chocolate. You will discover why the Yarra Valley is one of the greatest wine regions in the world as you listen to enthusiastic winemakers.

Wine Tasting in Yarra Valley

  • Location: St Paul's cathedral, melbourne, Victoria, 3000

11. Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Experience: One of the best things to do in Victoria is experience a hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley and get a birds-eye view into a world-famous and one of Melbourne/ Victoria’s best wineries.

Yarra Valley Hot Air Balloon Experience

  • Location: 47 Bell Street, Yarra Glen, Victoria, 3775

12. Visit the Pink Salt Lakes: Visit the Murray Sunset National Park to witness the well-known Pink Lakes for yourself. Witness the amazing, naturally occurring pink tints produced by algae and extreme salinity. The lakes, which are located in the far northwest part of Victoria, are a favourite destination for photographers due to their distinctive coloring, which changes throughout the day from a deep pink to a dazzling white.

Visit the Pink Salt Lakes

  • Location: Mallee Highway, Murray-Sunset National Park, Linga, Victoria, 3509

13. Ballarat Wildlife Park: Ballarat animals Park was established in 1985 with the goal of protecting animals and the environment. It is located on Sovereign Hill, surrounded by gorgeous gum trees, on the outskirts of Ballarat. You can hand feed the amiable, free-roaming kangaroos, pat koalas, cuddle wombats, have a snake draped over your shoulders, and even feed tigers. A formal photo is taken during encounters as a keepsake of the event.

Ballarat Wildlife Park

  • Location: 250 Fussell Street, Ballarat, Victoria, 3350

14. Melbourne Zoo: Melbourne Zoo is home to over 320 species and is tucked away in this urban sanctuary! It provides a unique opportunity for the visitors to strengthen their bond with its residents. Experience personal moments with elephants, interact with the critically endangered Western Lowland Gorillas, or visit the towering giraffes while being escorted by an enthusiastic keeper. Every step you take at the Melbourne Zoo is an opportunity to discover, educate yourself, and create enduring bonds with the amazing animal kingdom that calls this place home!

 Melbourne Zoo:

  • Location: Elliott Avenue, Parkville, Victoria, 3052

15. Moonlit Sanctuary: Melbourne's award-winning wildlife park, which is only 50 minutes from the city centre in Pearcedale, invites you to come see its incredible animals up close. There are approximately 400 Australian animals in Moonlit Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary that is home to numerous endangered species. Additionally, remember to make a stop at Koala Encounters so you can take a picture with one of their adorable little Australian icons.


Melbourne, Victoria is a state that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Whether you are interested in nature, food, wine, or history, you are sure to find some or the other things to do in Victoria. So, start planning your trip today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Victoria Australia best known for?

A1. Victoria, Australia, is best known for its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and a wide range of attractions. It is renowned for its wineries, pristine wellness retreats, and majestic mountains. The state is famous for its stunning coastlines, such as the iconic Twelve Apostles, lush national parks like Grampians National Park, and unique wildlife experiences, including the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island.

Q2. What are things to do in Victoria for a weekend trip?

A2. For a weekend trip to Victoria, you can enjoy a variety of activities. Some of the must-visit attractions include:

  • Penguin Parade on Phillip Island: Witness adorable little penguins returning to their burrows on the beach.
  • Cycling Vine Tours around Mornington Peninsula: Explore stunning coastal scenery and visit vineyards.
  • Culinary Delights on Bellarine Taste Trails: Take a scenic drive to sample local delicacies.
  • Sightseeing Along the Great Ocean Road: Drive along this picturesque coastal route for breathtaking views.
  • Nature Exploration in Grampians: Discover untamed mountain ranges, wildflowers, and Aboriginal rock art sites.
  • Wine Tasting in Yarra Valley: Experience fine wines and dine in this renowned wine region.

Q3. What are the free things to do in Victoria?

A3. Victoria offers several free activities for budget-conscious travelers:

  • Enjoy the scenic views along the Great Ocean Road.
  • Explore the beautiful landscapes of Grampians National Park.
  • Visit MacKenzie Falls in Grampians National Park.
  • Witness the Pink Salt Lakes in Murray Sunset National Park.
  • Stroll along the beaches and cliffs on Phillip Island.

Q4. What are the best mountains to go to in Victoria?

A4. You can explore one of the best mountains to visit in Victoria, Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park - explore vast mountain ranges, wildflowers, and Aboriginal rock art sites.

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