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10 Things to Do in Saudi Arabia Beyond a Spiritual Experience

March 13, 2024
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While Saudi Arabia is known for the holy sites of Mecca and Medina, the country has a lot more to offer. The country sees millions of visitors every year for its spiritual significance. However, it cannot overshadow the fact that the place has so much more to offer. From local sightseeing to a trip back in time; there is history, adventure, beauty, and serenity waiting to be explored in this rich land. 

Find the perfect activity, fit to suit your preferences on your trip to “the Land of the Two Holy Mosques.” Explore these unique things to do in Saudi Arabia and create an album of lifelong memories to be cherished:  

Things to Do in Saudi Arabia- For the Early Birds: 

1.   Mornings at Diriyah

Mornings at Diriyah

Housing Saudi’s UNESCO heritage sites, Diriyah is a treasure chest of historical richness. Its scenic views and expansive natural beauty is even more mesmerizing during the chilly mornings. Enjoy its stunning terrain with a cup of warm gahwa and take a stroll through the botanical gardens for the perfect start to your day! 

2.   Catching Sunrise in AlUla

Catching Sunrise in AlUla

Don’t miss out on the pleasant mornings and vibrant colors of AlUla during sunrise. Amid the soft golden sands and mesmerizing rock formations, witness the beauty of Jabal al-Fil (the nature’s sculpture), when the sun reflects on the elephant rock. Among Saudi Arabia things to do, clicking pictures and basking in the glory of this natural art is unbeatable!   

Fun things to do in Saudi Arabia- For Unforgettable Family Time:   

3.   Safari at Nofa Wildlife Park

Safari at Nofa Wildlife Park

An up-close encounter with a cheetah or giraffe is surely going to leave a lasting impression on your kids! Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience a slice of Africa in Saudi. This wildlife park is a must on the list of things to see in Saudi Arabia if you wish to bring your kids’ textbook to life, bringing them face to face with an ostrich or zebra on a memorable safari drive. 

4.   A Beach Stroll in Jeddah

A Beach Stroll in Jeddah

Lying along the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is home to stunning beaches, that definitely makes it a must-visit among all of Saudi Arabia tourist attractions. Visit the Al Saif beach for enchanting views and set up a tent after a round of adventure sports in the sea or roll out your mats for a family picnic and spend quality time with your near and dear ones. 

Things To Do in Saudi Arabia- For the Adventure Seekers

5.   Cave Diving in the Red Sea: 

Cave Diving in the Red Sea: 

Underwater caves formed a thousand years ago now offer the perfect dose of thrill to the sports enthusiasts. These Saudi Arabia attractions are unique especially because they are the easiest to dive in and boast of a rich marine life and stunning coral reefs. Even though the duration of the training courses for cave diving is 3-7 days, it will leave you with a lifetime of memories! 

6.   Skydiving in Saudi

Skydiving in Saudi

Strolling on the beach is one way to experience Jeddah’s natural beauty, the other is to jump off of a plane. Skydiving in Jeddah is extremely popular and the free fall is an exhilarating way to witness the beautiful landscapes as well as the popular Saudi tourist attractions. 

Saudi Arabia Attractions- For the Shopaholics

Saudi Arabia Attractions- For the Shopaholics

7.   Gold Hunting in Jada Mall: 

This popular shopping center offers everything under the sun but the gold jewelry stores are a special highlight. The affordable rates and exclusive discounts certainly sweeten the deal for every shopper. The market is especially mesmerizing at night time, so visit the place with an open heart, an open wallet, and a lot of bargaining skills!  

8.   Shopping Spree at Red Sea Mall 

This three-storey mall is a shopping paradise for both local and international brand lovers. Whether you are looking to fill your shopping carts with wishlist items or buy souvenirs for friends and family back home, the mall will not leave you disappointed! Enjoying fine dining afterwards at the culinary havens in the mall is another sought after activity in the list of things to do in Saudi Arabia! 

Saudi Arabia Things To do- For the Nature Enthusiasts

Saudi Arabia Things To do- For the Nature Enthusiasts

9.   Hiking in Riyadh: 

The consistent sunshine and beautiful landscapes of Saudi make it perfect for hiking year round. The rocky terrains of Riyadh especially, are a hiker’s jackpot. The trail up to Graffiti Rock is a walk down memory lane as it is etched with petroglyphs dating back to 10,000 B.C. Mount Baloum, Layla and Majnucave are other popular trails near Riyadh that are perfect for exploration and forging a meaningful connection with nature.   

10. Camping in Rub’ Al Khali: 

Last but certainly not the least, enjoy the serenity of the sand dunes in The Empty Quarter. Nature has a lot to offer, and the mammoth dunes of this desert are a testament of its expansive beauty. Camps surrounded by these gigantic sand dunes and star gazing at night are therefore among the top-rated Saudi Arabia things to do. 

With the beautiful fusion of history, spiritually, natural beauty and luxury, there is no dearth of fun things to do in Saudi Arabia. It is for this reason that tourists from around the globe travel here and with the above listicle, you too can shortlist your ideal activity and enjoy extraordinary experiences. 

Hope you are inspired to plan your trip soon!    

Frequently Asked Questions   

Q1. What do you need to go to Saudi Arabia? 

Ans. Travelers need a valid passport and visa to go to Saudi Arabia. It is also recommended that these documents have a minimum validity of 6 months. Post visa approval, visitors can book their tickets for a trip to Saudi.     

Q2. What are the do’s and don’ts in Saudi Arabia? 

Ans. Travelers are recommended not to bring or consume alcohol. Additionally, women are advised to wear an Abaya in public. Public displays of affection are also to be refrained from. Additionally, travelers need to be aware of the photography restrictions for a pleasant trip to Saudi Arabia.    

Q3. What food is Saudi Arabia famous for? 

Ans. Among the things to do in Saudi Arabia, visitors must try the famous Kabsa, Jareesh, Harees, and Shakshouka for a comprehensive experience of the Saudi culture.    

Q4. What is the currency of Saudi? 

Ans. The Saudi Riyal (SAR) is the official currency of the country. 

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