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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TBO Academy free of cost?

Yes, TBO Academy provides free-of-cost travel learning solutions to our travel partners. The mission of TBO Academy is to provide precise and latest information to enhance our travel partners’ knowledge and offer assistance to them to improve their business and client/employee management skills.

Is TBO Academy good for beginners?

Yes. TBO Academy is incredible for beginners. The courses are specially outlined for beginners. We at TBO Academy believe in continuous education and providing learning to all travel professionals. We want all our travel learning partners to… “LEARN MORE, SELL MORE, EARN MORE!”

Which is the best online travel learning platform?

TBO Academy is a leading online travel learning platform. TBO Academy has its stronghold in more than 110+ countries all around the world. TBO Academy is perceived around the world as one of the best B2B travel learning providers.

Which TBO Academy courses are the best?

Each course that TBO Academy provides has complete and concise information. Each course contains the most relevant information to our travel professionals and learners. There are courses for destinations, hotels, airlines, cruises, experiences as well as management skills. We have something for everyone. We also have bite-sized blogs according to the latest travel trends in the market.

Which is the best travel agent course?

TBO Academy has different travel agent courses to select from. Each course is uniquely designed to meet every travel professional’s specific learning needs. Each travel agent course is planned for a particular travel interest and objective.

In how many different languages are courses on TBO Academy available?

TBO Academy is available in 4 major languages:


Does TBO Academy conduct online educational webinars?

Yes. TBO Academy conducts online educational webinars for our travel partners. To attend any webinar, you must register for the webinar on our website https://www.tboacademy.com/en/webinar-registration

How can I register myself on TBO Academy?

In order to register on TBO Academy, visit www.tboacademy.com, then click on Register with Us. Fill in the details required and clickon Register. Once completed, you will be registered on TBO Academy.

How much time do I need to complete a course?

Most of our courses will take 20–30 minutes to complete. However, there are expert courses that can take up to 2 to 3 hours to complete. We also have blogs that take just a few minutes to read completely.

How is TBO Academy different from other travel learning platforms?

TBO Academy believes in simplified learning, hence our courses are created in such a manner that they can cater to the needs of travel agents in the simplest possible way. We also conduct regular webinars to enhance the business skills of our fellow travel partners. We run campaigns that encourage learning and improve a travel professional’s skills.

How can I sell destinations better with TBO Academy’s help?

TBO Academy helps all its travel partners with updated, accurate and verified information about destinations, and all that they have to offer. Information provided in each course will help you sell the destination better. You can easily find information like:

How to Reach?
Getting Around
Places to Visit
Things to Do
Places to Eat
Places to Stay
Latest COVID Guidelines