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From Novice to Navigator: The Power of Air Ticketing Course

August 09, 2023
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Air ticketing is not as straightforward as passengers believe. It is a complicated process that incorporates several systems, relationships, and rules. This article will delve into topics like what is air ticketing, air ticketing process, and its courses and institute.

What is Air ticketing?

Air ticketing is a process of booking and issuing airline tickets for people or organizations that want to travel by air. It is an essential component of the aviation sector since it allows customers to book seats on flights and go to their intended destinations. Understanding flight schedules, the inventory of seats that are available, pricing, price restrictions, and providing electronic or paper tickets are only a few of the activities involved in selling airline tickets.

The majority of airlines now utilize electronic tickets (also known as e-tickets), which were once actual paper used to purchase airplane tickets. E-tickets are kept in the computer system of the airline and connected to the traveler's reservation. Each time a traveler makes a flight reservation, they are sent an electronic ticket confirmation with a special booking reference number.

The air ticketing process involves

  • Flight Search: The ticketing agent or passenger searches for available flights based on the desired travel dates, destinations, and preferences.
  • Fare Calculation: The fare for the chosen flight is calculated based on factors such as the travel class, availability, demand, and time of booking.
  • Reservation: Once the passenger selects a flight and fare, a reservation is made to hold the seats until the payment is completed.
  • Ticket Issuance: After payment is confirmed, the ticketing system generates an electronic ticket with all the relevant details, including the passenger's name, flight details, fare, and travel dates.
  • Check-in and Boarding: On the day of travel, passengers check in for their flight at the airport or online, and their e-ticket is verified before boarding the aircraft.

Air Ticketing Course – What is it About?

The topic of travel and hospitality includes a specialized degree called air ticketing. You have a variety of degree, certificate, and short-term course options to pick from. The air ticketing course is a career-focused program that can help you get a financial secure future. Air ticketing is the procedure of an airline or a travel agency presenting enough documentation to confirm a passenger's trip aboard an aircraft. The course offers thorough information and instruction in the areas of air management, airport management, airfare and ticketing management, travel management, and ticketing procedure. After completing their 12th grade coursework, students opting for career-focused programs might think about enrolling in an air ticketing course.

Advantages of Air Ticketing Course

Air ticketing is an entry-level position, prospective employees are not required to enroll in any time-consuming or expensive college courses in the discipline. Aspiring candidates with only a minimal education might also pursue this profession. After finishing your 12th grade, you can continue with this course.

Candidates may learn about customer communication, management, and airport operations training with this course. Candidates may utilize their experience to pursue further education and better employment opportunities. In order to advance their career in this profession, they can also obtain a graduate degree.

Institutions offering Air Ticketing Course

There are several air ticketing course institute offering various degrees, diploma, and certificate programs. Here is a list of some universities that offer air ticketing course:

Western Michigan University: Western Michigan University's College of Aviation provides a variety of aviation programs. The college offers the ideal mix of academic instruction and career preparation. Students who are interested in management and administrative disciplines should take the course. The college's practical instruction, which is offered to students in a genuine atmosphere for better learning and comprehension, is one of its most intriguing qualities. Western Michigan University may be the best choice for you if you're seeking an appropriate course.

RMIT University: RMIT University has a track record of introducing students to fresh ideas, abilities, and strategies for success. The school's bachelor of applied science in aviation program trains students in airport operations and aviation. In order to better comprehend the industry, students are armed with knowledge of airline development and structure. Additionally, the course gives students exposure to industrial training that might aid them in their practical education.

University of Central Missouri: A bachelor's degree in airport management is offered by the University of Central Missouri. The goal of the course is to provide students with fundamental abilities like staff management and airport management. The training can aid students in improving their management and communication abilities, which are crucial for success in the aviation sector. Students who participate in the program get the information and abilities necessary to effectively cooperate amongst departments. The University of Central Missouri's industrial training is among the most fascinating aspects of taking an air ticketing course there.

Cypress University: Since 1967, the Department of Aviation & Travel Employment at Cypress College has assisted students in moving to their employment. The students work with all of the main international airlines and travel agencies. Leading businesses like Norwegian Lines Contiki, Disney Travel, and many more are hiring graduates of this course.

Various Indian colleges and universities like, Mumbai's The Tourism School, Delhi's Airborne Air Hostess Academy, Pune's YMCA, and Mumbai's India Travel & Tourism Institute also offer degrees in air ticketing.

Free Course by TBO Academy

If you are looking for an air ticketing course online, TBO Academy is also a learning platform offering online courses for travel agents and professionals in the travel industry for free. Sign up now and start learning today - Air Ticketing Course - Boost Your Travel Career Today (tboacademy.com)


For aviation businesses and airports operating internationally, the scope of air ticketing course is very wide and even has significant job options available. Those who are interested in exploring career as airline ticketing agent may already have experience as ticketing agents or may have undergone air ticketing training. Experienced professionals may also obtain employment in similar organizations like hotels, tourist resorts, etc., because the hospitality industry is tied to the job profile of the airline ticketing agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is air ticketing?

A1. Air ticketing is the process of booking and issuing airline tickets for people or organizations who want to travel by air. It involves activities such as flight search, fare calculation, reservation, ticket issuance, and check-in and boarding.

Q2. Which institutions offer air ticketing courses?

A2. Several universities and colleges offer air ticketing courses. Some of them include Western Michigan University, RMIT University, University of Central Missouri, Cypress University, as well as various Indian colleges and universities like The Tourism School, Airborne Air Hostess Academy, YMCA, and India Travel & Tourism Institute.

Q3. How can I start learning the air ticketing course online?

A3. To start learning the air ticketing course online, you can sign up for the free course offered by TBO Academy and begin your journey to boost your travel career today.

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