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Top 5 Free Things to Do As A Female Solo Travelers In Dubai

February 18, 2021
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Travelling solo means freedom. Travelling solo means exploring. Travelling solo means connecting. Travelling solo means fun. Travelling solo means satisfaction. Travelling solo definitely has plenty of benefits as it helps to be the version of yourself. And, as a female solo traveler, you will have to manage your finances strictly. This is because you need to stay at places that are safe for women travelling alone, you need to eat healthy food so that you land up at a hospital during your vacation and what not. While keeping your health and safety in mind, you may have slight pocket crunches. You will like to save your money for experiencing the extravagant places but that does not mean the list of places should be narrowed down. Instead, broaden your mind and take a look at the places in Dubai where you do not have to spend a penny. 

Things to Do As A Female Solo Travelers

1. Learn the History of Camels at the Camel Museum

UAE is situated in the desert region. And, as camels are the ships of the deserts, the existence of camels has been reported in UAE for a long time now. This history can be read at the Camel Museum located in the area of Al Shindagha. Entry is free and tourists enjoy looking back in the timeline to understand the relationship between camels and Arabians. The museum has different sections that depict various historical stages. There is a section on the anatomy of camels and biologists find that truly interesting.

2. Stretch Your Body and Practice Yoga

Fitness is an art that cannot be mastered in a single day; it requires daily practices. If you happen to be a fitness freak and you cannot skip your workout even when you are on a vacation, Dubai is the place for you. In Dubai, there is an organization called Friends of Yoga. They offer free yoga classes for an hour in the morning and evening. You can get in touch with them and master the ancient yoga techniques free of cost.

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3. Watch a Movie on a Sunday Night

After a long day of touring the city and its adjoining areas, you are bound to feel tired. And, it may so happen that you cannot splurge on visiting a movie theatre to binge-watch your favourite movie. In such a scenario, you will tend to crash on your hotel bed and watch TV; however, we recommend otherwise. Visit the Pyramids Rooftop Complex located inside Wafi Complex in Dubai. They host free movie theaters under the stars every Sunday night. Feel the natural breeze blowing on your face and watch a movie while lying down on the soft grass.

4. View the Dubai Aquarium from Dubai Mall

The Dubai Aquarium is one of the biggest attractions in the city and the price of each ticket is as high as 70 Dirhams. People are mostly ready to pay that price to take a look at the creatures that live underwater. However, if you knew that you can spot these creatures without paying 70 Dirhams, would you not rush to the place of view? Yes, you need to head to Dubai Mall and find the entrance to Dubai Aquarium. The main tank of the aquarium is on display from the side of the mall and tourists love to observe the sea creatures that come near the glass walls to say hello to them. 

5. Party at Night at Societe Dubai

Societe Dubai is a nightclub that looks like it has been transported to the future from the retro days. This nightclub is very popular among both locals and tourists who love to dance to retro hits from the 1980s and 1990s. If you like partying on Friday nights, head to Societe Dubai in your heels and dance the night away as entry is free to all on Friday nights.

6. Explore the souks

Dubai is famous for its traditional markets that sell items ranging from gold to spices. Female travelers can explore the beauty of these souks and bargain the best deals for themselves. The souks are famous for showcasing gold jewlries, spices from around the world, perfumes of all sorts and much more. So, next time you are in Dubai, make sure to go on a tour of these souks.

At times, money is not the only aspect that makes travelling fun and adventurous. What is left behind on a vacation is a series of memories. And, memories can be acquired without burning a hole in the pocket. Thus, being a female solo traveller is no more about counting money every single minute. Now, you can have fun and make wonderful memories that you can take back from your solo trip to Dubai and take a look at the best places in Dubai where you do not have to spend a penny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there free yoga classes available in Dubai for fitness enthusiasts?

A1. Yes, there are many clubs running free yoga classes in Dubai.

Q2. Where can I watch a movie for free in Dubai?

A2. The Pyramids Rooftop Complex, located within the Wafi Complex is the best place to watch free outdoor movie in Dubai.

Q3. Why is Camel museum popular?

A3. The museum houses different timelines on the relationship development of humans and camels.

Q4. Why are souks famous in Dubai?

A4. Souks in Dubai offers various goods such as gold, spices, perfumes, etc.

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