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Explore Top 10 Museums in Dubai: Timing, Price and address

July 11, 2022
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Museums in Dubai are a mirror of its rich history and culture. Dubai is popularly known for its modern architecture; it also holds a number of world records for the same. I would say Dubai have a habit of leaving its visitors mesmerized with its sky-touching beauty.

Museums are the best way to explore the history and heritage a nation has to offer. Whereas as far as I recall, Dubai was a fishing village in the 18th century, and its development began after the discovery of oil.

If you have a buff for history and might want to explore how Dubai become the best version of itself and continues to grow.

Best Museums to Visit in Dubai

From providing information on the historic past to showcasing some of the best architecture in the world, Museums in Dubai offer a lot to their visitors. The museums are known for offering an immersive experience while still preserving their true essence. 

1. Dubai Museum

 Dubai Museum

On your visit to the museum, you will get to see the colorful dioramas and historical exhibitions. Dubai Museum is housed in one of the oldest historical buildings in Dubai, Al Fahidi Fort. This is a must-visit in Dubai if you are a history aficionado. This museum will take you back to the 18th century when this city was just a fishing village.

Built-in 1787, this fort has served its time as a monarch's base, a fortified house and prison and a weapon arsenal before undergoing a renovation process during the reign of Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

The fort was reopened in 1971 as Dubai Museum depicting the country's rich heritage and culture. This is the only place in Dubai where one can see UAE's everyday life before the discovery of oil in 1958.

Dubai Museum Ticket Prices:

Adults – 3 AED

Infants – 1 AED (Under the age of 6)

Tourist guides are available at no extra cost

How to reach Dubai Museum?

If you choose to travel by metro, then you can stop at Ghubaiba or Fahidi metro station. The same is recommended to visitors traveling by bus. If you are traveling by private vehicle, just remember museum have limited parking space.

2. Etihad Museum

Etihad Museum

Don't forget to visit the latest cultural offering of UAE – The Etihad Museum. Explore the captivating contemporary history of the UAE before the seven emirates unified to form a treaty. Also, learn about the extraordinary economic development of the country since its independence in 1971. The exciting thing about this museum is that it is located where the union house was. Union house is the place where the constitution was formed and signed.

This magnificent beauty was designed by Canadian architects Moriyama and Teshima. It is built in a curved shape inspired by the UAE's constitution. The structure also features seven columns which symbolize the pens used to sign the national union agreement. Etihad Museum also has an education center, a library and a temporary exhibition hall and restaurant.

Etihad Museum Ticket Price:

Individual Ticket: 25 AED

Group Tickets: 20 AED (For a group of 10 people or more)

Children: 10 AED (Children below the age of 4 can enter for free)

You can visit the ticket reception at the museum or book your tickets online on the website.

How to reach Etihad Museum?

  • The museum is situated at Jumeirah Road along Route D94. One can use the metro, bus, or a taxi to reach the destination. And it's 13 km away from the Dubai Airport.
  • If traveling by metro, stop at the World Trade Station 2, Al Jafiliya or Emirate Towers Station.
  • ENOC Dhiyafa, Etihad Museum 1 and Etihad Museum 2 are the nearest bus stops if travelling by bus.
  • Ask the driver to drop you at the Union House if you think of hiring a cab. Since it's a relatively new place, few people know it.

3. 3D World Selfie Museum Dubai

3D World Selfie Museum Dubai

Indulge yourself in creativity and imagination beyond this world. This quirky museum in Dubai has 9 different zones: humor, fantasy, horror, illusion, jungle, and many more. You will find trick artwork and optical illusions sprinkled throughout the 9 zones. Embrace the hand-painted illusions and get creative to create unforgettable memories with over 185 3D paintings.

Explore dense jungles amidst fierce tigers or swing on an elephant's trunk. Don't forget to strike a pose with a life-size bear.

Be the weirdest version of yourself at 3D World Museum in Dubai when trying to click or getting clicked. This museum is all about being wacky.

3D World Museum Dubai Ticket Prices:

Adult: 95 AED approx.

Children: 70 AED approx.

Children of the age of 5 or below can enter for free.

How to reach 3D World Museum?

  • If you choose the metro as your transportation choice, stop at Noor Bank and walk for approximately 5 - 7 mins to reach the museum.
  • Shirawi, Scania 2 and Bosch centre 2 are the nearest bus stops to reach the 3D museum Dubai.

4. Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum

If you are a type of person who is not looking for inspiration but coffee, this museum is the right place for you.

This museum is located in one of the heritage clubs at Al Fahidi in Bur Dubai. This museum is a cozy small place with a classic upscale concept and international standards. The simple oriental setup of the museum is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere for its visitors.

This museum illustrates the history of coffee pretty well. This place also offers a glimpse of architectural heritage with a relaxing atmosphere. One can also try Ethiopian, African and Japanese coffee here.

This museum also emphasizes on imparting knowledge about coffee roasting and brewing to its interested visitors. Buy a coffee souvenir for yourself and everyone you know who loves coffee. Don't miss out on the fantastic museum shop.

Coffee Museum Ticket Prices:

No Charges

How to reach Coffee Museum?

Suppose you have chosen to travel through the metro stop at Al Fahidi Metro Station and start walking towards Dubai Museum and enter from the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood parking area. If your preferred mode of transport is a bus, then stop at Al Ghubaibah Station Bur Dubai, and then the same is recommended to the visitors.

5. Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

On your visit to the Museum, be prepared to get entertained, confused and completely blown away. Here you can imagine the unimaginable things. Holograms, optical illusions, and immersive rooms tease your senses and try to trick your mind. More than 60 visuals and educational exhibits will force you to think bizarre things about the world.

Ames room, anti-gravity room, rotating room, vortex tunnel, clone table and much more will make you look for a physicist inside you to solve your inner dilemma.

Make sure you visit the Museum of Illusions to experience the impossible. Also, make sure your camera has enough space and battery to capture all the fun you will have.

To make everyone happy, souvenirs can be purchased from the gift store, so you don't forget the experience and fun at the Museum of Illusions Dubai. Furthermore, by buying these Dilemma Games and educational toys – you will take home a great experience, a sense of discovery and wonder that will last long after you have left the museum.

Museum of Illusions Dubai Ticket Price:

Adult: 80 AED

Child (5-15 years): 60 AED

Child (below 5 years): FREE

Student (with a valid ID): 70 AED

Senior 60+: 70 AED

Family (2 adults + 2 children): 225 AED

Family & Friends (5 tickets – adults or children): 320 AED

Visit Time:

You can spend as much time as you like at the museum, although the typical visit lasts around an hour.

How to Reach Museum of Illusions Dubai?

By Metro: Take the Red Line to Al Fahidi or Burjuman Metro Stations, which are 2.8 kilometres from the museum.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop to the museum is the Heritage Village in Al Bastakiya, 300m distant and around five minutes away.

6. Museum of Future

 Museum of Future

This building is an engineering and architectural marvel and has surpassed all the surprises Dubai has given us in the past.

Did you know this museum received an award before it was opened?

This is not your typical museum, with ancient artefacts hidden behind velvet ropes. It is a portal to a future world created by forward-thinking designers, artists, and filmmakers. The Museum incorporates exhibitions, immersive theater, and themed attractions. Each floor in the museum is like a futuristic movie set that you may inhabit, explore, and interact with.

This building is shaped like a giant eye, or to be more specific, it is shaped like a torus inscribed with calligraphy. The exterior of the Museum of future is a canvas for three quotes by Sheikh Mohammed, which reflect his vision for the future.

The first quote says: "We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone."

The second one reads: "The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it.

And the third goes: "The secret of the renewal of life, the development of civilization and the progress of mankind is in one word: Innovation."

Museum of Future Ticket Prices:

145 AED (For 3 years old and above)

Entry to this museum is free in Dubai for children below 3 years.

How to reach the Museum of Future Dubai?

We recommend using Dubai Metro (Emirates Towers Station, Red Line) for the best access. The link bridge connects the metro station to the museum immediately. You may also make use of the Dubai Bus Service network. The following are the finest service line numbers:

27 9 X22 – Emirate Towers

7. Coin Museum Dubai

Coin Museum Dubai

The Coin Museum Dubai is quite famous among coin collectors or people interested in the denomination history. This museum has 8 rooms and is entirely devoted to the coins.

In this museum, you will find coins from the old Arab period.

One can admire more than 470 coins on its visit to the museum.

The coins can only be viewed inside the exceptional display cases, be grateful to the magnifying glass screens so that one can observe the coins closely. Touch displays with electronic drop-down menus display extensive information about each coin, such as its shape, size, metal, minting process and date, words printed on it, and the pictures and forms it includes.

Also, this is one of the museums in Dubai that you can visit for free.

Coin Museum Ticket Price

Free of Charge

How to reach Coin Museum Dubai?

Travel on a bus or a metro; it will be the same thing. You will need to stop at Al Ghubaiba Station.

8. Women's Museum

 Women's Museum

Women's Museum Dubai is a cultural effort in the Arab World or the Gulf Region.

A place to learn about and appreciate the lives of UAE women.

A gathering place where people may connect and celebrate the achievements of UAE vwomen.

The Women's Museum Dubai strives to explore UAE society through the lives of women past and present, highlighting the different roles that women in the UAE perform.

Women's Museum Dubai Ticket Price

20 AED

How to reach the Women's Museum Dubai?

Al Ras Metro Station is the nearest metro Station to the museum. Gold Souk Bus Station is the closest to this museum in Dubai if travelling by bus.

You can also use your private vehicle to travel museum and have parking available for its visitors in Deira Gold Souk and the fish market area.

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9. Al Shindagha Museum

Al Shindagha Museum

Al Shindagha Museum is a world-class historical museum that connects Emiratis, residents, and tourists to the UAE's rich legacy by embracing traditional values and exposing remarkable continuities between past and modern Emirati identity. Through creative exhibitions, events, and public learning programmes, the museum gathers, investigates, protects, and interprets Emirati cultural heritage, both physical and intangible. It is a cornerstone of Dubai's Historical District, where Emiratis, residents, and tourists can celebrate and explore tradition and culture and find an engaging and participatory environment for all to enjoy.

Al Shindagha Museum Ticket Price:

Adults: 15 AED (24 yrs. and above)

Students: 5 AED

Group of 10 or more: 5 AED

Kids: Free of charge

How to reach Al Shindagha Museum?

You can get there in a variety of ways.

  • Private car: Dubai Historical District will transport you to Shindagha, where you may park in our open parking lot along Al Khaleej street.
  • Dubai Metro: The Gubaiaba Metro Station is direct across the street from our Dubai Creek: The birth of a city home
  • Bus in Dubai
  • Dubai Ferry: Al Ghubaiba – Dubai Marina – Dubai Canal 5.
  • The nearest landmark is Al Shindagha City Center

10. Underwater Museum Dubai

Underwater Museum Dubai

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is home to thousands of aquatic creatures from over 140 different species. Our 10-million-gallon tank is home to over 400 sharks and rays, including Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Groupers, and various other marine creatures. A range of carefully crafted activities will bring our guests face-to-face with our aquatic residents, creating unforgettable encounters with friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which museum in Dubai is the biggest museum?

A1. Dubai Museum is the biggest museum in Dubai.

Q2. Are there any free museums in Dubai?

A2. Here’s a list of free museums in Dubai:

  • Coffee Museum
  • Coin Museum
  • Dubai Police Museum
  • Museum of the Poet al
  • Camel Museum

And many more

Q3. Which is the oldest museum in UAE?

A3. Al Ain Museum is one of the oldest museums in UAE.

Q4. How many museums are in Dubai?

A4. Dubai have approximately 50 museums.

Q5. What can we see in Dubai Museum?

A5. You will get to see the colorful dioramas and historical exhibitions at Dubai Museum.

Q6. What is written in Dubai Museum?

A6. The exterior of the Museum of future is a canvas for three quotes by Sheikh Mohammed, which reflect his vision for the future

  • The first quote says: "We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone."
  • The second one reads: "The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it.
  • And the third goes: "The secret of the renewal of life, the development of civilization and the progress of mankind is in one word: Innovation."

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