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Top 10 Locations For Camping In Dubai

September 07, 2022
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We don't understand why most people think of sky-high buildings, luxury hotels, shopping festivals, and sports cars when they hear of Dubai. Well, we would suggest getting away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy camping in Dubai desert, beach or by the lake. People tend to forget about the world largest sand desert and the endless activities there can do. Yes, the Empty Quarter or Rub al Khali, Fujairah, and Al Dhafra Beach are a few of the best camping sites in Dubai.

 Camping In Dubai

Head out for a wholesome day-picnic experience or relaxing overnight camping in Dubai. Step away from the city and explore a whole different side of the city.

Best time to go camping in Dubai

Best time to go camping in Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is between late November to early December. You can also visit until early March; just dont forget to keep your sunshades, sunscreen, and bucket hat to protect yourself from heat. If you want to visit Dubai exclusively to experience camping in a desert, then you must visit anytime from March to September. This period is perfect for stargazing.

Camping Rules in Dubai

No permit is necessary if you choose to go for short-term camping in the city. However, if you want to camp for longer, you may only do so in Dubai Wadi Al Amerdi, Wadi Al Shabak, Al Warqa, and Al Khawaneej.

10 Best Camping Sites in Dubai

Here is a list of the best camping sites in Dubai that one can refer to before their visit.

Overnight camping in Dubai

Overnight camping in Dubai can be a unique experience that combines the thrill of adventure with the luxury of modern amenities. The desert campsites offer a range of activities such as camel rides, quad biking, and sandboarding, followed by a sumptuous barbecue dinner under the starry sky. Sleeping in a traditional Bedouin tent or a modern glamping facility can be an unforgettable experience, with the sound of the desert breeze lulling you to sleep. Wake up to a stunning sunrise and enjoy a morning desert safari before heading back to the city.

Al Dhafra

Al Dhafra

Al Dhafra is where the desert meets the sea. Soak in the beautiful vision of the country most dramatic scenery. Along with its hundreds of kilometres of coastline, you can easily find stunning beaches and islands. Al Dhafra beaches are the perfect spot for overnight camping in Dubai. You can spot a few turtles and other sea creatures while you walk along the shore. Also, Al Dhafra is a great place to indulge in water sports besides camping in Dubai.

Al Qudra Lakes

Al Qudra Lakes

The Al Qudra lake has become popular among locals and tourists. It is one of the best tent camping sites in Dubai. The location offers two different setups; one looks like a desert while the other has a beautiful oasis. You might spot wild camels in the morning if you are lucky enough.

If you love nature, you would surely like to spend a night camping in Dubai at Al Qudra lakes.

This lake can also be termed a paradise for photographers because of its scenic beauty. This lake is also one of the free camping sites in Dubai.

Hajar Mountains

Hajar Mountains

Hajar mountains are located between Oman and UAE. These mountains are perfect for overnight desert camping in Dubai. Hajar is one of the free camping sites in Dubai, with the most picturesque views for you to admire. Experienced campers usually prefer this camping site. Make sure to pack your hiking kit along with your camp, as you will have to find a hike to find a perfect place to pitch your tent.

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Beach camping in Dubai

Beach camping in Dubai is a great way to enjoy the city's beautiful coastline and warm waters. There are several beaches that allow camping, offering a range of facilities including fire pits, barbecue grills, and toilet blocks. Wake up to the sound of the waves and watch the sunrise over the sea, before enjoying a day of swimming, sunbathing, and beach activities.

Banan Beach

Banan Beach

A not-so-secret camping site in Dubai recently moved to Ras Al Khaimah. This is one of the places where one can experience luxury camping in Dubai. They have pet-friendly chalets with a private pool, lofts with a jacuzzi, and tents. This resort introduced fully facilitated night camping in Dubai, where people can barbeque and sit near a campfire and enjoy their time at Banan Beach.

Banan Beach location: Nad Al Sili - Ras al Khaimah



If you want to go and do tent camping in Dubai, Fujairah is the place. Located on the east coast of UAE tends to charm visitors with its majestic beauty. It is one of the best places for overnight camping in Dubai. It is effortless for anyone to set up a tent here. You can also do snorkeling and explore life underwater.

Fujairah Beach location: Northern part of Fujairah City

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White Sands Beach

White Sands Beach

White sands beach is one of Dubai popular camping spots due to its low cost. It is a beautiful place for tent camping in Dubai, and you can place your tent above a sandy cliff. This beach is ideal for night camping and enjoying nature serenity while lying down by the shores and gazing at the night sky.

One can also participate in various water sports like snorkeling, fishing in the emerald pools, paddleboarding, and diving.

White Sands Beach location: Jumeirah district, Dubai

Desert camping in Dubai

Desert camping in Dubai is a popular activity for those looking to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Arabian Desert. Campsites offer a range of activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding, followed by a traditional Arabic barbecue dinner and cultural performances. Sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin-style tent can be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

Arabian Dreams Desert Camp is one of the luxury camping sites in Dubai. This site is located within Dubai Desert Conservation and comprises 8 tents with proper sanitation and bedding facilities. This desert camp in Dubai can accommodate up to 16 guests and have a proper guest itinerary. This desert camp is perfect for a night camping in Dubai. Their packages also include camel rides and dune drivers.



Hatta region is one of the best camping spots in Dubai. The grounds of Hatta are the perfect spot to get a unique take on the surrounding national park. Hatta grounds are the ideal place for night camping in Dubai.

Outdoor adventurers in the UAE can park their automobiles parked close to their campsites for quick access to and from the Grounds. There are barbecue areas erected nearby, and those who want to dine without cooking can go to the food trucks parked at the Hatta Wadi Hub.

Fossil Rock, Sharjah

Fossil Rock, Sharjah

The red sand dunes and desert birds are the highlights of Fossil Rock. Rocky paths and massive sand dunes cover the majority of this area. You can set up camps or go on adventure trips like dune bashing or on buggy rides and trail runners! It is also perfect for road trips and looks amazing with its several rock-sand mountains. This is one of the best camping sites in Dubai for the desert experience.

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Bedouin Camping

Bedouin Camping

Sit back, relax, and see the shining stars. Soak in all the good energies from this beautiful camping spot in Dubai and take home an invincible memory. Bedouin camps are one of the camps where you can experience luxury. There are guides in the camp that will take you on an educational tour in the desert and give you insight into the history and attractions. This is the best place for desert camping in Dubai.

We hope that these ten places for camping in Dubai will be sufficient to add a little more space to your travel time. As it seems, you will have a great time listening to the splashing tides, singing to yourself for a couple of days during your vacation and stargazing for sure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is camping on beaches permitted in the UAE?

A1. There are no restrictions on where you can pitch your tents. But remember to maintain the beach cleanliness and set up your tents far from the sea.

Q2. Is it permitted to camp in Sharjah?

A2. In Sharjah, camping is common, particularly as part of vacations that include desert safaris. Outdoor enthusiasts frequently journey a little to locate the ideal area because there are so many gorgeous spots to select from. Camping areas with sandy terrain include Fossil Rock, Mleiha, and Al Dhaid.

Q3. Where can I camp overnight in UAE?

A3. Scenic views, starry nights: 8 of the best camping spots in Dubai

1. Al Badayer

2. Al Faya

3. Awafi

4. The Liwa

5. Hatta

6. Bab Al Nojoum

7. Al Qudra camping area

8. Bianky beach camp

Q4. What are the activities offered at White Sands Beach?

A4. Tourists can participate in activities such as banana ride, wakeboarding, snorkeling, and swimming are some of the activities offered at the beach.

Q5. Why is Fossil Rock, Sharjah famous?

A5. The fossil rock provides excellent place to set up a camp or participate in dune riding and other activities.

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