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Best Summer Camps In Dubai 2023

September 12, 2022
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Camping can be a ton of fun, especially in remote locations like deserts and beaches. You will undoubtedly become mesmerized by these locations' tranquilly and get lost in various fantasies. For campers to fulfil their desires, Dubai offers a variety of camping locations. Summer camps in Dubai maintain the true essence of desert camping while providing the top notch facilities. These camps are excellent for star gazing and organizing barbecue with family and friends. Further, there are numerous camp organizers to look after the requirements of the tourists and offer a memorable experience amidst desert. 

Top 5 Holiday Camps in Dubai

Summer camps in Dubai offer exquisite experience with beachside view and desert adventure. Sunsets and sunrises cast an aura of mystical charm over the desert red dunes. Moreover, several night activities are organized by campsites owners for a wholesome experience. The five locations listed below make summer camping in Dubai look like a utopia.

Banan Beach

The Banan beach is a unique location for daytime camping in the city since it is cozy and compact. This beach hosts one of the best summer camps in Dubai. The personnel provide chairs, tents, cushions, and other top-notch amenities. Although a little erratic, the pricing is believed to be fair. Currently, the beach resort includes 12 water activities, five bungalows, and 47 camping tents. Banan beach is also one of the best places to visit in Dubai.

Banan Beach location: Nad Al Sili - Ras al Khaimah

Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

This location is inside the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and has eight tent homes with all the necessary beds and restrooms. This is one of the best summer camps in Dubai, it can house up to sixteen visitors at once, and it offers camel rides and dune drives as part of its package. You cannot miss out on this because Arabian Dreams Desert Camp offers one of the best things you can do in Dubai. Oh! In addition, oryx and falcons can also be seen.

Fujairah Beach

Fujairah Beach is the best-suited location for summer campers in Dubai. It is an excellent choice for a weekday camping excursion (as it becomes busy on weekends). Camping doesn't need very difficult or demanding conditions. This holiday camp in Dubai is closer to the Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort; hence camping difficulties are reduced. If one is hesitant to prepare food on their own, they can get a gourmet breakfast from the hotel. Additionally, one has the option to purchase a day pass and enjoy the hotel's amenities. The morning swim would be a memorable event. The major thing people would remember about such a programme is less salty seas, a temperate climate, and nearby mountains guarantee a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with nature. This is one of the best summer camps in Dubai.

Fujairah Beach: Northern part of Fujairah City, Emirate of Fujairah 

Fossil Rock

The features of Fossil Rock include the red sand dunes and desert wildlife. Rocky pathways and enormous sand dunes cover the majority of this region. You may pitch tents and embark on camping expeditions and adventurous excursions like sand boarding and trail running. Additionally, it looks fantastic with its many rock-and-sand mountains, making it ideal for road excursions. This camp offers the best summer activities in Dubai.

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Bedouin Camping

The Bedouin camps in Ras Al Khaimah is one of the best summer camps in Dubai. This desert offers the most extraordinary things to do in Dubai and unique desert experiences. This campground, next to Banyan Tree Al Wadi, combines lavishness with a rich Arab tradition. You may take a seat, unwind, enjoy the stars, and take in the beauty of the surroundings. In this camp, you may find everything from coolers, pillows, bonfires, barbecues, bars, and shishas (hookahs). The Bedouin camp's tour guides take you on an instructive tour of the desert while providing background information on its landmarks and history. You may take pictures with falcons, ride on bumpy cars, or even learn to drive! Camping here is ideal because of the surrounding serenity, quiet, and tranquilly. The knowledgeable desert specialists and guides are prepared to inform you and enhance your experience. You may also get delicious meals, abundant Arabic buffets, and food at the camp. This is one of the best places to visit in Dubai during summer.

Finally, we end the list of the best summer camps in Dubai with the Bedouin Camps offering some of the best summer activities in Dubai. So make sure to experience the inexperienced side of Dubai on your next visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best places to visit in Dubai?

A1. These are a few places one should not miss on their visit to the city:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Museum
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Deira
  • Bur Dubai Village
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Q2. What are the best things to do in Dubai?

A2. Don't forget to do the listed activities on your trip to Dubai:

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  • Enjoy Lake Ride at Dubai Fountain
  • Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner
  • Enjoy Rides at Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Go for Hot Air Ballooning

Q3. What are a few summer activities in Dubai?

A3. Top 5 Summer Activities for you in Dubai this summer:

  • Wild Wadi Water Park
  • Water sports
  • Outdoor boot camp
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Deep sea fishing

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