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Vaccine Tourism: A stepping stone for a revived economy?

April 28, 2021
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What if there was a single way out to the two most common problems almost all of us are facing today, Anxiety and Suffocation. We are anxious about the health and wellbeing of all of the people around us, waiting for the day to be vaccinated. Suffocation is one word that expresses the year 2020, sitting at our home behind closed doors and waiting for all of this to end so that for once, we can feel that breeze of fresh air over our faces. This might surprise you, but governments across the nations don’t only know how we are feeling but also have found a way to monetize a solution to these problems - Vaccine Tourism.

Vaccine Tourism
According to Health.com, visiting another country or state to get a vaccine not available to you at home is Vaccine tourism.

The current state of the world is as unstable as it is unpredictable. We all know that authorities worldwide are trying their best to provide the COVID vaccination to every corner of the world, but it will take time.

Countries like Austria, Maldives, Russia and UAE have recently announced that they will provide Covid vaccination to all the incoming tourists - although the dates and the whole procedure is yet to be shared. 
Read a little more about the scheme of vaccine tourism in the Maldives here.

In recent examples, we found that some travel companies in Mumbai, Maharashtra, are offering a Tour package for Indians with U.S citizenship or a valid visa. The package includes vaccination on arrival plus stays at Washington DC or New York at the cost of 2999 $. Many regions in the United States are coming forward with Vaccine Tourism. The state of Alaska and Texas showing efficiency at vaccinating their citizens opens gates for the other states and countries. The governor of Alaska has announced that the state will offer free COVID vaccinations to anyone landing at its airports from June to boost summer tourism.

Russia had produced 20.1 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine as of March 17. 4.3 million people out of a population of 144 million have received both shots since December.

Russia is coming out as a key player in the vaccine tourism game with the launch of the official Russian vaccine SPUTNIK V. It has been posted on Sputnik V’s official Twitter account, “Sputnik V vaccination in Russia! Who’s on board?” Russia is planning to provide the jabs at Moscow airport to the tourists from July.

SPUTNIK V vaccine

While rumours of vaccine tourism in Dubai are currently put down to rest, countries like Germany and Britain are still getting many requests for Vaccine Tourism. It has not been proven possible for them in the current scenario because a major part of their own population has not been vaccinated yet.

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The Idea of vaccine tourism comes with plenty of positives like population getting vaccinated, cash flow for the economy and a boost in tourism. However, it is important to look at the flip side of the coin.

The virus is still going through multiple mutations all around the world, making itself even more communicable. Though a vaccine makes the virus less fatal to the people being vaccinated, but doesn’t prevent catching the virus in the future. Vaccine tourism might ensure more people to be vaccinated and travel simultaneously, but the chances of spread are still hanging over.

Another perspective brought to attention is the violation of human rights. COVID being a global issue, the distribution of the vaccine must be ensured by fair means. Countries like Canada, which are acquiring five-time the vaccine doses compared to their population, have created a global shortage for the shots, hence leaving people with no choice but to use all their possible resources to get vaccinated. Enters vaccine tourism, which obviously can only be afforded by the relatively small portion of the wealthy, makes vaccine distribution unjust. Keeping the current legality about vaccine tourism in India aside as there hasn’t been any regulation by the government till now.

The rules and regulations differ within the nations. While planning a holiday, make sure you get all the perquisites cover about a destination, the current situation and the norms u need to follow. You can learn more about the destinations you are planning a vacation at, at TBO Academy and stay aware about the COVID situation in various countries at https://www.who.int/.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is vaccine tourism?

A: Vaccine tourism refers to the practice of traveling to another country to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that may not be available or accessible in one's home country.

Q: Is vaccine tourism legal?

A: The legality of vaccine tourism varies by country and jurisdiction. Some countries have explicitly banned or discouraged vaccine tourism, while others have not. It is important to check the local regulations and guidelines before considering vaccine tourism.

Q: Which countries are currently offering COVID-19 vaccines to tourists?

A: The availability of COVID-19 vaccines for tourists varies by country and may change over time. As of now, some countries that are offering vaccines to tourists include the United Arab Emirates, Maldives, and Russia.

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