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This Too Shall Pass

July 13, 2020
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“An idle mind is a devil's workshop.”  Why do they say so? 
The occurrence of pandemic situations all over the world has made our lives tremendously difficult. The year 2020 will be remembered as a devil who came along & destroyed many lives in a blink. We have seen so many things, and we are still in the fractional year of 2020.

As the whole world is facing an unprecedented health pandemic, it’s becoming persistently difficult to stay positive as It’s easy to adhere to the vacuity of dreadful news and feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings of vulnerability. 

When you finally realize that nothing is permanent in this life, you will become more tolerant & positive. If we have the dark clouds of bad times, we will have the rainbow of good times as well. You need to have faith, believe that every ending has a new beginning; it’s just that you need to have faith & believe in positivity. It’s not all sadness and melancholy, and while the conditions are undeniably difficult, this won’t be our reality forever.  We have to be optimistic, calm & have faith in the almighty during this unusual time because every cloud has a silver lining in it.

To overwhelm ourselves with positivity and be pragmatic, we can inculcate a few activities from which we can all find ourselves to explore those latent hobbies. You can also pick up some free online courses to keep yourself engaged and also learn something new in the process. Also, psychological research in the scientific understanding of happiness and the feeling of well-being suggests that gratitude for what we have has an impact on our happiness and positivity. Be connected to everyone, either be it your workforce, family, or friends through techno-social interactions. Technology perhaps isn't the ideal substitute for social interaction, but it is our only way to fight this pandemic together without isolating our closed ones as our health & wellbeing are our biggest assets, and in times like these, we must focus on techno-social connection & engagement.

“Always remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained & this too shall pass.”

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Akshita Sharma