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The crucial role of technology in reimagining our business!

July 28, 2020
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Are you worried about tomorrow? The answer is yes because the situation itself is so challenging that everyone is uncertain about their health, job, business, family, and friends. Being in tension will not solve; instead, it will create more problems. What is the solution? Prepare for the unpredictable! 

The COVID-19 has tested us with our people and partners, sharpened our focus to innovate with technology while supporting the urgency for critical business needs.

With the mindset to make the best out of the situation, power ahead and emerge victorious once the storm is over, at TBO-Group, we started reimagining our business and working on every challenge to get our business future-ready. 

Our business is technology-driven, so the tech team’s role became crucial to help the organization and its partners move with speed, innovate faster, and create greater business value. While country after country were getting into lock-down, despite the stress tech team grappled with the new life prepping their homes to be offices. The team kept their machines unlocked, the longest time ever to accomplish the business reimagination. 

The tech structured the team across the organization to ensure all possible support for our customers round the clock. The team started learning sessions focused on sharing best practices, building, and re-using the innovation across teams. The team extensively used TBO Academy too, for their learning. This brought the opportunities to sharpen skills, think critically, and discover new tech across the organization.

With the entire team’s hard work and a lot of patience, soon we will be ready with lots of brand new businesses like-lots of new APIs, Umrah vertical (ZamZam), corporate booking tool (Paxes), partner module and Ancillaries business (car rental, transfers, sightseeing, and insurance), etc. to better serve our customers. These will come up with lots of tech-enabled solutions for payments, tech, and operations support for quicker response time, etc.

Sometimes, the recovery path looks uncertain, but we need to revisit and continuously refresh our hopes and prepare for the unpredictable, we shall win over it. 

Be Stronger Together With TBO!

Chandra Mohan Mishra