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Sunset at the Beach

June 22, 2020
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A situation we never thought of, has impacted the most thought of plans of our lives. I think all of us, who are reading this, have at least once revisited their social media accounts or cloud repositories to see places we visited when the pandemic had not hit the globe.

Our throwback pictures are serving the purpose of a de-stressor. Have you ever wondered why? Because somewhere inside, we are missing traveling. Travelling is not just an activity. It is a soothing and healing process, and the importance of it can only be felt. So, in order to channelize my thoughts, I closed my eyes and asked myself.

"Which is my favorite destination that I enjoyed traveling to and/or would like to visit that ?” My mind showed me very random pics of some places where there was lush green grass, and some were of beautiful beaches. Some were of high mountains covered with snow, and some were of magnificent buildings surrounded by restaurants offering the best cuisines you had ever eaten in your life.

Finally, it stopped at a beautiful beach. Sunset at the beach. At one instance, you hear the noise of people partying around, and another second, you feel the calmness your heart as a feeling. A lavish Asian cuisine, beautiful nature, people of different ethnicity co-living happily, mesmerizing Aroma, and gradually as the full moon is shining bright in the sky; the waves are rising high as an attempt to touch the moon. Sound of water becoming music to ears. A pagoda temple, a beautiful statue of Lord Budha instilling calmness into the soul, a local flea market, looming volcanoes that exude peace and serenity...My mind finally announced...Bali, it is! A place that appeals through its sheer natural beauty. I realized that in today's busy world, traveling is not merely an activity; it is a therapy to calm your mind and instill positivity.

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Maansi Kapoor