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St. Lucia Tourism Guide | TBO Academy

November 02, 2022
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Imagine sunbathing on the sandy white beaches, volcanic mud baths of Soufrière, ziplining through lush green forests and indulging in authentic island food. Tourism in St. Lucia is quite fascinating because of its coastline, soothing waves, warm beaches and hospitable people.

St. Lucia Tourism Guide

The landscape of the country is as diverse as its heritage. The island's different regions are all unique! Saint Lucia offers possibilities to get away from it all and discover teeming jungles and serene landscapes, while other areas are ideal for bustling nightlife and beachside festivities.

Weather in St. Lucia

Weather in St. Lucia

Saint Lucia experiences reliably warm temperatures all year long. It often varies between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius (84 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit). The busiest travel season to Saint Lucia is from December to April, which is also its driest time of year. The Tet Paul Nature Trail in Soufrière and the Pitons, mineral baths in Soufrière, and ziplining through the deep jungle are all activities that visitors take advantage of during this time of year. So, make sure to book the best resorts in St. Lucia beforehand, as you will not be able to find any good hotels in St. Lucia during the peak season.

How to reach St. Lucia

How to reach St. Lucia

The easiest way to reach St. Lucia is by air, and those who prefer to travel via water will find that St. Lucia Island is well-serviced by ferries, making it convenient for visitors to include the island in the island-hopping tours.

The airport in St. Lucia

The airport in St. Lucia

Hewanoora International Airport is located in Vieux Fort is 40 miles south of Castries, the capital city. F.L. Charles Airport is an inter-island airport is situated on the outskirts of Castries.

Getting to St. Lucia Island

Getting to St. Lucia Island

American Airlines, JetBlue, Delta, and United Airlines offer direct flights to Saint Lucia airport from North America, with American flying from Miami, Charlotte, and Philadelphia; JetBlue from New York and Boston; Delta from Atlanta; and United Airlines from New Jersey and Chicago.

Throughout the year, Air Canada and WestJet offer direct service from Toronto. Air Canada and select chartered airlines provide direct service from Montreal at the busiest times of the year.

Several airlines, including LIAT, Air Caraibes, Air Antilles, and Caribbean Airlines, offer good inter-island service. For particular dates and availability, check with your travel agent or directly with the airlines.

Accommodations in St. Lucia Island

When it comes to places to stay in St. Lucia, the hotels and resorts come in all shapes, sizes and budget options. From five-star all-inclusive resorts to barefoot boutique luxury to hostels. Plan your trip with our list of the best hotels in St. Lucia.

1. Sandals Grande St. Lucia

Sandals Grande St. Lucia

This idyllic all-inclusive resort is described as the closest vacation to a picture-perfect postcard. This magnificent resort is adults only and showcases awe-inspiring panoramic views and Over-The-Water Bungalows that will make you linger. This is one of the best resorts in St. Lucia.

This luxury resort in St. Lucia is full of natural beauty, rich in history and pure romance.

2. Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain is one of the luxury resorts in St. Lucia. The bold architectural design of the resort makes it unique. The resort is in an exquisite location and, again, is adults-only. This is one of the best places to stay in St. Lucia if you are traveling to St. Lucia with your partner.

3. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

You can find luxury here, embraced by nature. Imagine getting a spa treatment in a treehouse in a rainforest, exploring a new cuisine while strolling barefoot on smooth white sands, and then retiring to your own private cabin in the mountains. There is no doubt that this luxurious St. Lucia resort will revitalize you. 100 acres of unspoiled rainforest on the Caribbean Sea offer peace and beauty. It's all located on the site of an 18th-century sugar plantation and is flanked by the Pitons, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In brand-new seaside bungalows, mountain cottages, and suites surrounded by beautiful gardens, you can find tranquility.

4. East Wind

East Wind

East Winds are set up on beautiful tropical land that is home to various colorful and fragrant plants, fruit trees and birds. It is a chic, upscale, all-inclusive resort. This is one of the best resorts in Saint Lucia to stay with family for kids above the age of nine.

5. Tet Rouge Resort

Tet Rouge Resort

If you don't care about being oceanfront and are travelling to St. Lucia for its fantastic natural adventures away from the ocean—such as trekking up the Gros Piton, visiting the mud baths and sulphur springs, or ziplining through the jungle—Tet Rouge Resort is one of the best places to stay. It is located in a great spot atop a hill at the foot of the Gros Piton and is only reachable via a dirt road. A well-liked local beach is a 20-minute stroll away.

Best Beaches in St. Lucia

The beaches in the Caribbean are certain to be stunning no matter where you go. However, those in St. Lucia, a tropical island country in the Eastern Caribbean, are renowned for being particularly stunning. Here's a list of the best beaches in St. Lucia.

1. Jalousie (aka Sugar Beach)


Cradled amidst the majestic Piton Mountains, Jalousie Beach, also referred to as Sugar Beach, is celebrated for its awe-inspiring surroundings. The beach boasts soft, golden sands and crystal-clear waters, creating an ideal setting for both relaxation and snorkeling enthusiasts.

2. Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beac

Unfolding along a picturesque coastline, Grand Anse Beach serves as a sanctuary of immaculate white sands and gentle turquoise waters. Whether your interests lie in sunbathing, swimming, or simply reveling in the breathtaking coastal panoramas, this beach caters to all.

3. Reduit Beach

Reduit Beach

Situated in the bustling Rodney Bay area, Reduit Beach shines as one of St. Lucia's liveliest and most favored coastal destinations. Here, a multitude of water sports activities awaits, and the lively assortment of bars and restaurants makes it a perfect hub for both relaxation and recreation.

4. Cas en Bas Beach

Cas en Bas Beach

Cas en Bas Beach offers a tranquil and serene ambiance, complemented by robust winds that beckon windsurfing and kiteboarding aficionados. This beach provides a secluded and rustic beachgoing experience, removed from the usual crowds.

5. Anse Chastanet Beach

Anse Chastanet Beach

Nestled in proximity to the Anse Chastanet Resort, this beach boasts a renowned abundance of marine life, rendering it an exceptional location for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The dark sands and lush natural surroundings further enhance its distinctive allure.

St. lucia Travel Safety

When traveling to St. Lucia, ensuring your safety should be a paramount concern. While this picturesque Caribbean island is generally considered safe for tourists, it's essential to remain vigilant and take precautions. Petty crime, such as theft, can occur, so safeguard your belongings and avoid displaying valuable items. Additionally, be cautious of natural hazards like hurricanes during the hurricane season and exercise water safety awareness at the beaches. When driving, navigate the narrow, winding roads carefully, and consider local customs and dress codes. Stay informed about health precautions, respect local laws and traditions, and, above all, purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover unexpected situations. By staying alert and well-prepared, you can savor the beauty and culture of St. Lucia while prioritizing your safety throughout your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best time to visit Saint Lucia?

A1. The best time to visit St. Lucia is December – April. During these months, you will experience warmth and affection. If you're looking for a laid-back vibe, you should visit St. Lucia from June – November.

Q2. Which airlines offer direct flights to St. Lucia?

A2. Iberia, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and TUI all fly direct to Saint Lucia.

Q3. What part of St. Lucia is best to stay?

A3. Rodney Bay is one of the best part to stay in St. Lucia.

Q4. How long do I need to explore St. Lucia?

A4. The answer to this question is to stay as long as possible or plan a minimum stay of a week.

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