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Quiet Tourist Spots in Dubai for Senior Couples

February 18, 2021
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People associate Dubai with extravaganza and entertainment. They look forward to visiting amusement parks and shrieking out in adventure. They look forward to visiting the grand shopping malls and pushing the crowd around just to grab their favourite item on sale. They look forward to dancing to foot-tapping music under the starry sky at a beach party. It can be perceived that people think of Dubai as a happening place and assume that the city is suitable for trips taken by youngsters and young couples. However, this notion is incorrect. Dubai has many serene spots that are suitable for older couples visiting the city. The city offers peace and tranquility to those in need along with subtle recreation. The enriching exposure in Dubai is something that older couples look forward to. So, if you are a senior couple and you wish to visit Dubai with your loving partner, take a look at the quiet places in Dubai that will help you enjoy your vacation.

Quiet Tourist Spots in Dubai for Senior Couples

Walk Holding Hands in Miracle Garden: Dubai boasts of being the home to the largest garden in the world where flowers are grown keeping the natural ambience in mind. Miracle Garden, the place under focus, is very popular but knows how to maintain its tranquility. The garden is a perfect place to sit down with your loved one and feel the cool breeze blowing on your face. The empty park benches look very inviting to senior couples and they are often spotted enjoying a stroll after lunch or waiting for the sky to change colours at twilight.

Take a Boat Ride at Saltwater Creek: Dubai is a desert city that is prominently divided by the Saltwater Creek. This creek offers mesmerizing views at night along with fun activities. An activity that senior couples enjoy is taking a ride into the waters in a boat or yacht. The boat rides are accompanied by the view of Dubai’s entertainment and parties from a distance. Hence, senior couples get ample space to watch without being pushed around or disturbed. Certain rides are teamed with candlelight dinners and couples usually opt for that romantic meal. 

Watch a Show at the Dubai Opera: Dubai has a unique culture that has developed over the years to adapt the best practices of modern western culture without forgetting the age-old traditions. The best way to experience this culture is to watch a live show at the Dubai Opera. There are different shows from theatre, ballet, music, and more that you can choose from. You will surely enjoy the artistic vibe of this place and understand the culture of Dubai better.

Buy a Gift at Gold Souk: Dubai is known to have the largest market that sells gold bars, gold coins, and gold jewellery. While you are in Dubai, you should head to the Gold Souk with your partner and buy a romantic gift so that you can cherish this trip forever. As far as pricing is concerned, the gold rate is very competitive and can be profitable for buyers. Just make sure you find out the gold value that you can take back with you in your country before making the purchase just to be on the safe side. 

Explore History at Al Bastakiya: At present, Dubai looks extremely glamorous. Even the lifestyle is modern and classy. However, this does not mean the lifestyle of Dubai has no history. Dubai was far different in the middle ages and the native culture and history can be best explored at Al Bastakiya. This place is lined with old houses and local food joints that will help you get in touch with what Dubai was like in the past. This part of the city is usually secluded and this allows senior couples ample time to spend together and interact with locals passing by to understand Dubai’s core values in a better way. 

Dubai is a city that has history and culture embedded within its roots. The history and culture will surely win the hearts of the explorers. The trip will be made even better because of the hospitality of the Arabs. Hence, even though Dubai’s glamour and modern lifestyle will appear on the surface, senior couples will get space to escape the crowd, spend some time together and enjoy a visit to amusement parks. They will get to fall in love again and reunite under the stars in the desert.

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