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5 Latest Marketing Trends for Travel and Tourism Industry

September 21, 2020
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Latest Marketing Trends

Due to the current situation, you must be keen to find out the biggest travel marketing trends you need to know?

As we all know, the travel industry is wildly competitive. And if you want to stand above in the travel world, it is essential to keep aware of the most recent and relevant industry data and marketing trends. 

Currently, the most key challenge for every travel brand is to identify how to connect their target audience by conquering their hearts with different experiences and win their trust and loyalty towards your brand. We will explain some best marketing trends for the travel industry in this article with these questions in mind. And by using these marketing tactics, you might emerge with a stronger customer trustworthiness and better customer relationships.

1) Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
Travelers are no longer looking for ordinary booking or travel but instead, want to have a different experience that brings value to their lives. So, the tourism marketing trend goes from saying in a greenhouse hotel or spending a night in a palace. It would help if you changed how to promote your product to make it more impressive and focusable.

2) Social Media is in demand, and people spend more time on Social Media.
The increase in using Social Media has doubled. People are spending more time on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Now, Travel Brands are partnering social media travel influencers to market their products for better reach. And if your niche is the younger generation, Pinterest and Instagram would be the best platform to market your product. Since Instagram's use is increased over three times these days, the young aged traveler is more interested in spending time on Instagram to look for the best travel destinations and get impressed by seeing their pictures. 

Please Empathize with your customers by answering their queries on social media or put yourself in your customers’ shoes. 

3) Mobile Marketing is in demand, put more focus on mobile optimization.
Mobile customer experience is increasing day by day in every industry, especially in the e-commerce industry. Even research says mobile has contributed 95% growth in traffic on e-commerce portals, and 22% of hotel bookings took place on mobile devices only. So, it would be best if you were more focused on promoting your products or offers through the mobile app. It is essential to make the mobile experience as good as the desktop experience!

4) The virtual experience is in demand and coming to the forefront.
Virtual experience has been slowly rising and equally important for the travel industry. The current travel trend shows to put more focus on live virtual travel events and occasions. It will allow your partners to engage with you online or experience destinations from their homes' comfort.  

5) Video Marketing is going LIVE and more in demand.
Video marketing will continue to grow in 2021 as consumers seek videos of the destination, they plan to travel next. And it is more helpful for brand awareness and product marketing too. You can even find it is a great way to engage with your online audience and help create positive brand relationships. 

You can also see the LIVE streaming services have been growing, and people are more interested in watching live videos. Research says that 82% of traffic will be from live streaming by the end of this year. 

So, from the above list, which marketing trend are you going to implement into your tourism marketing plan this year?

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