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Journey on the Road Less Traveled

July 14, 2020
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Traveling means many things to people from across the world. From ticking off a bucket list to finding solitude, reconnecting with nature, or going on a shopping spree, traveling has added so much perspective, thought, and learning to our lives.

In the past few months, as the world stopped and we humans tried to reconnect with ourselves, and the earth breathed a sigh of relief…as waterways in Venice cleared and wildlife in Africa roamed freely on airport runways, many of us humans learned an important lesson of co-habitation and respecting the precious nature around us.

As travel returns in bits for the world, we know many are hoping for a quieter vacation in untouched spots amidst nature, not only distancing themselves from humans and the chaos of city lives by coming closer to nature, to the sound of trees, water, and birds; destinations like Maldives and Mauritius. While doing so, many will come a long way in discovering this new world that they previously did not care for much. This re-discovery of ourselves, our relationship with nature, and humans will change the way we travel forever.

The road less travelled might soon be the road many will want to take. But as more of us embark on these journeys, let’s not make the same mistakes we made before, let’s preserve the good in this world. Sustainability and care in everything we do as individuals, families, and businesses will help us leave behind a world that our children can explore and learn from when the time is right for them …long after we are gone…let’s make sure we leave some places for new footprints, by not stepping on each other but traveling and living with respect to one another and the earth we all call home.

We, as travel professionals, have a big role to play as the world embarks on journeys that are both new and old. We have to continue to inspire the desire to travel, now more than ever, to help heal our anxious souls with new experiences and a fresher perspective towards the power of travel, exploration, and an open mind towards what our own individual journeys may teach us in this new world.

May we all venture on the road less travelled and inspire others to do so, too.

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Vijayeta James