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Hoysala Dynasty Architecture and Bahubali Jain Temple

August 13, 2020
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India is a land of hidden treasures in terms of Architecture, and now is a good time to explore Indian history. Today I will be telling you all about my experience at the Hoysala dynasty temples, famous for its carving in Hassan along with Sravanabelagola Jain temple (Bahubali temple), which is famous for its statue carved out of single stone near Bangalore.

The best possible connection to reach Hassan is to fly from Delhi to Bangalore, and from there, it is about 6 hours’ drive to Hassan. The drive is smooth with coconuts plantations along the road.

Hoysala Dynasty Architecture and Bahubali Jain Temple
One of the best resorts in the area is the Hoysala Village Resort. They welcome all their guests in a traditional style with tilak and garlands. Once in the area, you can visit the Lakshmi Devi Temple. It was a beautiful temple built in Hoysala architecture.

Next, you can visit the Belur & Halabedu temples constructed in Hoysala architecture. The beautiful carving of Halebidu temple cannot be explained in words. It is recommended to take a guided tour of this place. The guide will explain what all is depicted in carvings. A fun fact about this temple is that it is carved out of soft stone which, when exposed to sunlight, gets harder. Next, you can visit some more Jain temples in that area, which are much smaller to Halebidu temple.

Belur & Halabedu temples

Next on the list was Belur temple. The entrance of this temple was like an authentic South Indian temple with a big compound. Again, I recommend a tour guide who will give a detailed description of this temple. It is amazing to see how artists at that era carved such beautiful sculptures out of stone. Each carving was different from each other and unique in its own way.

Early morning walk in the Village is refreshing, living in a city we miss simple things of life like fresh air. The village air was so fresh and relaxing. We even bought fresh ginger from a local farm.
On your way back to Bangalore, you can visit the Shravanabelagola temple; it is an important Jain pilgrimage.

The temple is built on the cliff, and to reach it, one must climb approx. 500 steps. On reaching the top of the cliff, the view is very beautiful. Again, you have to drive back to Bangalore to take a flight back to Delhi.

I hope this gave you a brief description of what all can be done when visiting that part of the Country.

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Ritica Singhal