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Explore Dubai on Wheels as a Female Solo Traveller

February 18, 2021
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Travelling solo is the new trend in the world of travelling especially for female travellers. At present, women are looking forward to the freedom of exploring places on their own, living an adventurous life, interacting with locals to learn something each day, and connecting with their own selves in this process. This could not have been possible had there been safety issues or inconvenience. However, when it comes to Dubai, the city never disappoints its female tourists because of the high safety policies and comfortable living standards. Because of this, Dubai opens its doors to many female travellers from across the world. These female travellers are often seen to rent a sports car, drive down the smooth roads, and explore the best sports in Dubai at their own free will. Thus, if you are a lady who is planning to visit Dubai alone, take a look at what might interest you while you stop to take breaks from driving. 

Explore Dubai on Wheels as a Female Solo Traveller

Reach the Top of Burj Khalifa: Ever since its inception in the city of Dubai, Burj Khalifa has gained fame for being the tallest building the world has ever seen. This is one of the most attractive spots to stop by for every traveler in Dubai. The tourists are allowed to take an elevator to the 124th floor from where they can take a look at the city. The view is amazing with the ocean on one side and the desert city on the other side. What is even more attractive is the way these two halves meet, blend, and enhance the culture and lifestyle in Dubai. 

Grab Coffee at Burj Al Arab: Dubai is known to splurge on luxury and the best example of this can be found in the heart of Burj Al Arab. This tall structure that looks extravagant because of the choreographed lighting ranks fourth among the tallest hotels in the world. In terms of expenditure, this hotel tops the list and you can imagine how luxurious it can, thus, be. If you have surplus money to spend, do grab coffee inside this hotel. And, don’t forget to update your location on Facebook and Instagram – you definitely want people to know you are inside Burj Al Arab!

Feel like a Queen at Deira Souks: If you imagine wearing a lot of gold jewellery and dressing up like a queen, taking a turn to visit Deira Souk is mandatory. This is a marketplace that has plenty of showrooms that sell gold jewellery. The pieces of jewellery on display can be worn at ease even if you do not want to purchase them. So, make sure you dress up like a queen and get photographed! Also, if you want to purchase extravagant Arabic gold jewellery, find out how much gold you can take back to your country before making the purchase. 

Drive a Ferrari at Ferrari World: Renting a Ferrari for an entire day can be expensive. And, if you get tired of driving around Dubai in a regular car, visit Ferrari World. This is an amusement park suitable for all ages with Ferarri cars being the greatest attractions. These cars can be rented for a short drive and you will get your chance to indulge in luxury. After the drive, you can explore the shopping area or sit down at a local café to enjoy delicious local food and beverages. 

Relax at Jumeirah Beach: After a long day of driving to different tourist spots, you will surely feel like relaxing on your own. And, the best place to do so is Jumeirah Beach. This is the most popular beach in Dubai that has plenty of hotels and cafes lined up. You can grab a quick bite or lie down on the soothing sand to watch the sunset. The reflection of the fiery sun on the cool blue waters of the ocean is a sight that offers warmth and eases weariness. 

Dubai is an epitome of beauty and magnificence. There are plenty of tourist attractions and all are equally breathtaking spots. Thus, no matter how tough it is to decide, mentioned above are some amazing destinations especially for female travellers that they must visit during their trip to Dubai. Apart from these popular places, you can also drive to the nearest places in Dubai that are popular as weekend destinations. And, do not forget to save a day for the grand safari that Dubai has in store for all its tourists.

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