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Top 10 experiences in Western Australia

June 15, 2023
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As Australia’s largest state, boasting the nation’s longest coastline and sunniest capital city of Perth, Western Australia is a place to recharge your spirit. As a place where it’s always summer somewhere — outdoors in the fresh air and wide-open spaces, there are plenty experiences in Western Australia.

With boundless natural adventure, rugged gorges, pristine beaches, unique rock formation, towering forests, majestic landscapes, secluded waterfalls, exquisite food and drink, vibrant events, and festivals, wildlife encounters extraordinary experiences in Western Australia await you in every region. The experience you get to encounter leaves a lasting impact on your mind.

Top Experiences in Western Australia

1. Water Sports and Activities

A collection of rivers and spectacular lakes, it’s beyond sure to have an adrenaline-fueled adventure on Western Australia’s uncrowded waterways. Whether you want to try wakeboarding or water-skiing in Western Australia beaches, rivers, and lakes have you covered, with many designated zones that offer perfect conditions.

Places to visit for water activities:

  • Redgate Beach
  • Eagle Bay
  • Margaret River
  • Port Denison
  • Secret Harbour

2. Snorkeling and Diving

The temperate and tropical coast of Western Australia offers encounters with a stunning variety of marine life, the world's biggest fringing reef, World Heritage marine parks, uninhabited coral atolls, and top-rated dive wrecks. With over 12,500 km of snorkeling and diving, whether you're a visitor or a local, there's a wide range of things to do in Perth perfect for everyone. Explore top-rated dive wrecks and the best snorkeling in Western Australia.

Best places to explore:

  • Coral Bay
  • Ningaloo Reef
  • Exmouth
  • Monkey Mia and Shark Bay
  • Abrolhos Islands
  • Jurien Bay

3. Cape to Cape Track

An iconic walking trail that runs along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste ridge provides sweeping clifftop views to spectacular sandy beaches and ancient forests. The track linking the lighthouses at Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin rewards long-distance hikers and daytrip ramblers alike with some of the Margaret River Region’s most sensational scenery.

Best Places to visit on your way:

  • Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse
  • Sugarloaf Rock
  • Smiths Beach
  • Boranup Karri Forest
  • Redgate Beach

4. Staircase to the Moon

A full moon rising over the exposed tidal flats of the Pilbara and Kimberley coasts is a spectacular and breathtaking sight that must be experienced once in a lifetime. This optical illusion (which usually happens between March and November), sometimes known as the "Staircase to the Moon," induces a silence among witnesses as a flight of steps supposedly climbs from the horizon and into a starry night sky.

Best Places to watch Staircase to the Moon:

  • Broome
  • Dampier Peninsula
  • Onslow
  • Cossack
  • Karratha
  • Port Hedland

5. Kimberly Cruising

A luxury Cruise in Kimberley is one such experience in every visitor’s bucket list. Experience the exhilarating thrill of riding the Horizontal Waterfalls, sail through untouched archipelagos, and indulge in swimming within the secluded gorge pools of the most remote locations. Exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experiences await you.

Natural Wonders of Kimberley:

  • Ord River
  • Lake Argyle
  • Horizontal Falls
  • Buccaneer Archipelago
  • Montgomery Reef

6. Find Wildflowers

Western Australia is home to the largest wildflower collection on planet. Each season, more than 12,000 different flora species bloom brilliantly over the state, creating an unparalleled floral spectacle. Additional hotspots for wildflowers can also be found in Western Australia's botanic gardens, national parks, coastal plains, and towering forests. You can locate the rare Queen of Sheba orchid, lemon-yellow donkey orchids, fiery-red grevilleas, hot-pink hakeas, golden wattle, and other plants here.

Wildflower Hotspots to explore:

  • Kings Park
  • Araluen Botanic Park
  • Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park - Leeuwin
  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Stirling Range National Park

7. Wineries and Wine Tasting

Located around Perth and Southwest of Western Australia celebrate one of the pristine and internationally renowned wines whose unique characteristics are nurtured by some of Australia’s top winemakers.

Places to explore:

  • Swan Valley Wine Region
  • Perth Hills Wine Region
  • Peel Wine Region
  • Geographe Wine Region
  • Margaret River Wine Region

8. Explore Caves

There is another side of Western Australia’s rugged beauty, and you can explore this underground in the grand caverns and maze-like tunnel systems. Join a torchlit tour or commence a self-guided journey to discover caves in Perth.

Places to explore underground wonderland:

  • Jewel Cave
  • Lake Cave
  • Ngilgi Cave
  • Mammoth Cave
  • Mimbi Caves

9. Aboriginal Tours

Explore Western Australia through the eyes of the world’s oldest and continuous living culture with an Aboriginal-led tour or guided experience. Witness the captivating phenomenon of Dreamtime narratives while exploring the expansive Australian outback or uncovering the age-old rock art and paintings.

Explore these top tours:

  • Wula Gura Nyinda Eco Cultural Adventures
  • Warrang-Bridil
  • Koomal Dreaming
  • Kurrah Mia
  • Girloorloo Tours at Mimbi Caves

10. National Parks

Discover Western Australia's diverse national parks, where you can traverse awe-inspiring gorges, be captivated by ancient rock formations, and behold the extraordinary array of wildlife and wildflowers found nowhere else on the planet.

National Parks in Western Australia for Hiking:

  • Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park - Leeuwin
  • Porongurup National Park
  • Stirling Range National Park
  • Relentless Blue, Pemberton Mountain Bike Park
  • John Forrest National Park

While this blog provides a curated list of experiences in Western Australia, there are countless activities to do in Western Australia. To delve deeper into this extraordinary part of the world, check out our comprehensive travel guide: Top Places to Visit in Perth and its Surrounds. Plan your journey and embrace the beauty and adventure that awaits you in this captivating destination. Happy travels and may your experiences in Perth be truly unforgettable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Western Australia best known for?

A1. Famous for its whitest beaches and the largest expanse of outback, Western Australia is one of the oldest known living cultures on Earth. With a scenic view, it provides wildlife encounters that are completely unforgettable, and roads that seriously go on forever.

Q2. What are the famous caves in Western Australia?

A2. Along with pristine beaches Western Australia’s caves are its rugged beauty, and you can explore this underground in the grand caverns and maze-like tunnel systems. Here is the list of caves you can explore:

  • Jewel Cave
  • Lake Cave
  • Ngilgi Cave
  • Mammoth Cave
  • Mimbi Caves

Q3. Is there any guided tour for the oldest culture of Western Australia?

A3. Yes, there are guided tours, as well as aboriginal-led tours to see Western Australia through the eyes of the world’s oldest continuous living culture where you can witness the otherworldly beauty of ancient rock art & paintings and learn wisdom passed down over more than 50,000 years.

Q4. What does “Staircase to the Moon” mean?

A4. A full moon rising over the exposed tidal flats of the Kimberley and Pilbara coasts is an extraordinary natural occurrence also known as Staircase to the Moon.

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