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Best Theme Parks in Dubai For Unique Family Experiences

February 12, 2021
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The smell of adventure always allures both children and adults. Sometimes, these adventurous moments can come in the most unexpected ways; sometimes, these moments can be lived on purpose. And, what would be better than experiencing thrill and adventure at one of the theme parks in Dubai? Dubai, the happening city in the Middle East, has a number of theme parks located all across the city. Because of the variation in rides and availability of fun, families love to visit Dubai with their children. The theme parks give them an opportunity to bond and have fun. Moreover, the parents are transported to their childhood days as they experience one ride to another with their little ones. The theme parks in Dubai will surely bring out the kid in you if you intend to visit. Thus, take a look at some of the best theme parks whose tickets should be purchased in advance so that you can enjoy with your children.  

Enjoy with Your Kids at Theme Parks in Dubai

Aquaventure Park

Aquaventure Park is located on the outskirts of Dubai inside The Palm Resort. This park dominates the major area of the Palm Islands with its dangerous and lazy water rides. The park has won several awards and is considered as the best one when it comes to water slides. You will be shocked to see that people are being carried straight into a lagoon infested with sharks after sliding 90 feet down. Another attraction in this park is the double loop water slides. As you change from one loop to the next, you will be directly dropped down 75 feet. Can you imagine yourself screaming in a thrill? If yes, get your tickets and enjoy these adventures at Aquaventure Park. 

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is the first of its kind to be constructed in the Middle East. Hence, this water park has always been popular among tourists and locals. This water park is based on the theme of Juha, a character from the folk tales of Arabia. Thus, the water slides not only offer thrill but also offer amazing views. This park is famous for housing a slide called Jumeirah Sceirah. This slide lets you fall free from a height of 120 metres.  As you plunge into the pool, you will hear your shriek reverberating and your heartbeat almost exploding. 

Ski Dubai

If you are tired of visiting the beaches and the desert regions and you feel your vacation will be incomplete without snow, head to Ski Dubai. This theme park is located in the Mall of Emirates and covers a carpet area of 22500 square feet. This park is maintained at a temperature of -2 degrees Celsius and comprises of five different slopes with varrying levels of difficulty suitable for both beginners and professionals. This park is perfect for running around with your kids and celebrating the joy of Christmas even during your vacation. 


Kids love to play with toys and they love to play with toys from LEGOLAND. Hence, it is obvious that if you are on a family trip to Dubai, you should take your kids to LEGOLAND Park. This theme park has been constructed by the same toy manufacturer and is, thus, very similar to the toys that kids play with. This park is perfect for kids and has plenty of family-friendly and kid-friendly rides. LEGOLAND is the park that kids love to go and get clicked while having fun. The park also has plenty of food items that cooked keeping the fancy of children in mind. Overall, it is a fantastic place to hand out with your kids and enjoy the fun and frolic. 

You can perceive that Dubai does not back down when it comes to offering a fun time for the families who visit the city. The theme parks in Dubai are internationally acclaimed and cater to safety first because of which families can visit with kids and have fun without worrying much. These parks are so popular that buying tickets on the spot is not feasible. Thus, plan your trip accordingly and make sure you let your children have a gala time at some of these parks in Dubai.

Theme Parks In Dubai FAQs

Q1. Are theme parks in Dubai suitable for children of all age groups?

A1. Yes, Dubai's theme parks cater to a wide range of age groups.

Q2. Can tickets for Dubai's theme parks be purchased on-site, or is it recommended to buy them in advance?

A2. It is highly recommended to purchase tickets for Dubai's theme parks in advance. 

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