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Diu A Surprise Package

September 26, 2020
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Diu A Surprise Package

Today, all we need is a break from the break. We are looking at destinations that are in India and safe to travel. Let's explore a unique destination, which will be a complete surprise package for you. Diu is a hidden treasure in terms of a tourist destination.

Diu is a small coastal town located on the west coast of India. It's a Union Territory of India. There are multiple options to reach this place; one of them is to drive, or you can fly.

Started your day at Diu Fort - Built in the 16th Century by the Portuguese. It is a massive fort with a Lighthouse, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Lighthouse is built on a height, but worth a climb. It's beautiful & well maintained. The View from the Lighthouse is just breathtaking.

Next, visit the Gangeshwer temple. This place also has a beautiful History. It is believed that the Panch Pandavas worshiped Lord Shiva in this temple. It has five Shivlings, and on a high tide day, the waves reach the Shivlings, and on low tide, waves get back to the ocean. It's a beautiful site. It surprises me and makes me proud to be a part of such a country where we have so many places, which even Science can't explain. This temple leaves you with so many questions; how did the Pandavas come to this part of the country? How did they choose such a place where water comes up with the high tide and reaches up to the Shivlings?

Next, visit St Paul's Church; it was a big and vivacious Church with Beautiful Wooden Carvings; the entire atmosphere is peaceful. For all those who want to light a candle and pray, you can carry your own Candle or buy one from the small shop right in front of the church. Then visit the St Thomas Church, also known as the Old Church or Diu Museum. It has wooden carvings & religious artifacts. It has a beautiful garden just outside the Museum.

It will surprise you that such a small island has so much to offer. I.N.S Khukery was next on my list. It was built at a height and had historical value as it is an Indian Navy Memorial. It is a good picnic spot with some covered Sittings areas, which is a good option for a Rainy or Sunny day.

Naida Caves - Its beauty is beyond words. No picture can justify its beauty. It's a must to visit on the Island. This place is quite amazing. It has Natural rock formations that are formed over thousands of years. The best time to visit is in the daytime, as you see sunlight playing in between the caves.

Finish your day at the Nagoa Beach. Clear Water, clean beach, water sports, Local shopping, food stalls, a perfect combination of all. Eating a steaming Hot Sweet Corn with cool water touching your feet - what a lifetime experience.

I hope this helps you plan your next holiday to this Beautiful yet unexplored city.

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Kanika Singhal