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Travel Agents’ Current Requirements and Getting Prepared

July 20, 2020
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As predicted four months before, Domestic Business has started in many Middle Eastern Countries, and this will go on till regional & International borders are lifted. Regional borders likely to open sooner, and it depends upon precautionary measures taken for the safety of passengers by respective countries. UAE in general and Dubai, in particular, declared safe for travel by WTTC. Even if regional and international borders are lifted, the domestic business will continue to grow, and having strong domestic content will always come handy to sustain and grow.

The next and immediate option should be regional products. Having a good regional product will help both corporate businesses in the long run and leisure business once neighboring country borders are lifted. Resort properties and properties located in the city suburbs or outskirts will always be preferred.  The other important products are Travel Insurance and Land Transportation. These two are ‘need of the hour’ products.

So, the Travel Agent community should equip themselves in Domestic, Regional, Land Transportation & Travel Insurance (with COVID cover). By equipping yourself, you are ready to attract any customer to your Doorstep. As TBOHolidays, we are well prepared to offer such products and marketing solutions.

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V.K Balaji