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Here's Your Guide to Cherry Blossom Festival NYC

May 11, 2023
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Spring has sprung, and New York City is overflowing with cherry blossoms ranging from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white. The cherry blossom festival NYC attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists from around the world annually during April and May.

Cherry Blossom Festival NYC

The festival features a variety of cultural events and activities, including traditional Japanese music and performances, art exhibitions, as well as food vendors captivating the sense of Japanese cuisine.

When is the best time to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in NYC?

There are two main kinds of cherry trees in the city, Yoshino and kwanzan and they bloom are different times. Peak bloom is often a brief (3-4 day) period when the bulk of the blooms have opened and the tree is decked in bright spring hues. This is a significant benefit since you get to enjoy spectacular spring blossoms for a month. But, the idea is to capture NYC's cherry blossoms in their greatest bloom, which is difficult to predict because it fluctuates from year to year.

Don't miss the opportunity to peek into cherry blossom season at these parks in New York City:

Central Park, Manhattan

Central Park, Manhattan

As if we needed another reason to love Central Park, right? Well, the greatest park to see cherry blossom festival in New York City is Central Park. A handful of cherry blossom trees bloom at different times, making Central Park the best site to catch cherry blossoms throughout the month.

Yoshino cherry trees can be easily spotted in early to mid-April, while Kwanzan cherry trees bloom in early May.

Popular places to check out in Central Park during the Cherry Blossom Season:

  • Cherry Hill: Mid-Park at 72nd Street
  • Pilgrim Hill: East Side at 72nd Street
  • Conservatory Garden: East Side from 104th to 106th Street
  • Kennedy Onassis Reservoir: 85th Street to 96th Street
  • Shakespeare Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn

Nothing says cherry blossoms better than Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York. Knowing that cherry blossom season is an annual event for many New Yorkers, the garden has a very useful spring bloom tracker on its website.

Best Time to Visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for Cherry Blossoms in NYC: Early May

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Park Avenue Tulips

Park Avenue Tulips

Upper East Side's Park Avenue is a sight to behold and get lost in, but during the spring, it's better than ever. The cherry blossoms trees pop up while tulips cover the ground in a sea of yellow.

Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park

This vibrant NYC park spans 550 acres, borders the Hudson River, and provides amazing waterfront vistas. The abundance of spring blossoms in the region, particularly the tulips placed along the walks, cannot be overlooked. In fact, more than 400 acres of Hudson River Park are built on piers that span the river.

Belvadere Plaza has the greatest concentration of tulips.

New York Botanical Garden

New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is considered to be the best park in New York City to see cherry blossoms. In many respects, the garden has been planned to be the top spring attraction in NYC, and it has succeeded.

Certainly, the New York Botanical Garden takes on a fairy-tale aspect at full bloom. You will need to decide which direction to look between the blooming daffodils and the magnificent Kwanzan cherry blooms.

Cherry Valley, the Arthur and Janet Ross Conifer Arboretum, and Daffodil Hill have the largest concentrations of spring blossoms.

Best Time to Visit the New York Botanical Garden for NYC Cherry Blossoms: Early May

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island features some of New York City's greatest free vistas, although it appears that most visitors postpone their visit until the spring. It's easy to understand why this is one of the best parks to see cherry blossoms in New York City!

In early April, the mature cherry trees burst with color, and the island fills up with tourists like moths to a flame. The trees along the shore provide a stunning canopy of blossoms. Take a stroll around the esplanade or sit on a seat and watch people for a bit.

What to do at cherry blossom festival in NYC?

There are a variety of free spring activities that one can do during the cherry blossom festival in NYC:

1. Celebrate with St. Patrick's parade

2. Watch Macy's Flower

3. Bird Watching in Prospect Park

4. Go for a walk in Central park

5. Participate in Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival

6. Get ready for a pillow fight on international pillow fight day

7. Plan a picnic under the cherry blossom trees

8. Shop at back street markets

9. Catch the sunset at Pier 35

10. Take in the New York Botanical Garden's Orchid Show.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best spots to observe the cherry blossom festival in NYC?

A1. To summarize, these are the best parks in New York City to see cherry blossoms.

  • Central Park
  • Prospect Park
  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  • New York Botanical Garden
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Sakura Park
  • Washington Square Park
  • Green-Wood Cemetery
  • Riverside Park
  • Union Square Park

Q2. What are the 10 Facts about cherry blossoms?

A2. Here are 10 facts that you must know about cherry blossoms park and its trees:

  • Cherry blossom petals can be eaten.
  • They hardly last a week.
  • Amsterdam has 400 cherry blossom trees, each with its own name.
  • The Mosti-yoshino cherry tree is the most frequent cultivar.
  • Cherry blossom trees come in over 100 different types.
  • You don't need to go to Japan to view them.
  • Flower gazing gatherings are an important aspect of Japanese culture.
  • They go through a six-stage blooming cycle.
  • Cherry blossom trees are decorative.

Q3. What makes cherry blossoms so unique?

A3. Cherry blossoms are a flower that represents spring, a season of regeneration and the ephemeral essence of life. Their lives are brief. The blooms begin to fall once their beauty has peaked, which takes around two weeks. People in Japan like having cherry blossom parties with co-workers, friends, and family during this season.

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