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13 Best Places To Party In Goa In 2023

February 09, 2021
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Goa's nightlife is a unique piece of thrill and adventure. The party capital of India gives you the experience to reminisce for a lifetime. These excellent places to party in Goa are famous for live acts like UV displays, fireworks, and internationally acclaimed DJs who set the stage on fire. You can lose yourself while dancing or let yourself be enchanted with trance music. People from all around the world come to places to party in Goa to enjoy these electrifying parties.

13 Best Places To Party In Goa In 2023

1. AZ.U.R – Pop and Jazz music

AZ.U.R Goa is an admirable place to party in Goa. Located inside the Marriott, this party spot leaves the audience enthralled with jazz and pop music. The premium bar lounge attracts party animals, especially during the weekends. AZ.U.R is known for the perfect party package with fantastic ambiance, delicious food, addictive drinks, lively vibe, over the top energy, music, and trippy jazz.

2. Hilltop – Trance Party Place

Hilltop is one of the trance places to party in goa where you can rejuvenate yourself with a hippy vibe. Adorning itself with neon décor, this place is ideal for dancing your heart out. Things that set Hilltop apart from others are great glow in the dark and other luminous designs. The throbbing beats from the DJ's make the atmosphere even more alluring and trippy. The club is also known to host some great parties, and during this time, they are 24/7 open.

3. SinQ Night Club - Posh Lounge Experience

SinQ Nightclub is in Sinquerim and offers a posh lounge experience. This is adorned with its four entertainment zones, i.e., Lounge, Poolside Deck, Goan Tavern, and Dance Floor. Only couples can set foot in this place to party in goa. The outdoor bar and the lounge are decorated with minimalistic yet stylish furniture and an ooze vibe. The adorning ambiance blends with the azure blue water of the pool.

4. Café Lilliput

Café Lilliput is a long-running Goa Beach Shack and has been in business since 1986, in the centre of Anjuna beach stretch near the Wednesday Flea Market. This is a chilled-out beach shack in the day and a cool party place at night where events happen regularly; and often go until dawn. Comfortable beach hut housings are available for those who don't want to leave.

5. UV Bar

UV bar hosts dynamic psytrance parties from Fridays through Sundays, even during the monsoon season. Events often take place on weekdays as well. The palatial beach shack spreads into two levels with two dance floors - one right on the sand. Cool visuals and artwork add to the experience.

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6. Mambo's Night Club

If you are fonder of Bollywood music, then Mambo's Night Club is the place to party in goa. it is a safe bet for enjoying a night out in Goa. It is one of the renowned party hubs in the region, offering a substantial indoor dancing floor, outdoor place, hookah, and pool table. Famous Indian as well as international DJ's play here.

7. Tito's Night Club

Tito's night club is one of Goa's well-established brands; this club is at Baga Beach. It hosts a lot of international as well as Indian brands. They specialize in playing commercial and Bollywood music and are open six days a week except for Mondays. The club has excellent interiors and a massive dance floor along with 2 bars. Wednesday is the ladies' night, where drinks and entry for ladies are free. Bartenders perform great tricks as they serve, and the servers move around on rollerblades.

8. Club LPK – Love Passion and Karma

To enjoy the perfect glimpse of Goa's party scene, head to the club LPK, which remains true to its name. As the sun sets down, this eye-catching party destination is lit up, creating a primitive ambiance with the venue's carvings and sculptures. The club is surrounded by water on all three sides, and the club transports you to a pre-historic layout inside the club with quirky décor and contemporary music.

9. Cape Town Café

For all the party animals heading to Goa and looking for a great place to party, Cape town café is one of Goa's hippest places. The café has a three-sided bar permitting you to enjoy the party scene as well as the vibrant street.

10. Blue Waves

Blue waves situated at Morjim Beach in Goa offer a breath-taking view of the shores. The club is located in a double-deck shack and plays trance and other genres. Party enthusiasts especially flock here during New Year's and Christmas. They are mostly known in the state for their midseason parties; the specialty here is the delicious Goan food.

11. Bora Bora

Lounging on the enchanting beach of Morjim, the Bora Bora club is amongst the finest places for parties. Beachfront lounge is open 24 hours. When here, expect great music all day and free Wi-Fi. Since the owner is a Disc jockey (DJ), there is a wide range of electric music played.

12. Chronicle

The chronicle lounge presents a blend of revelry and luxury. The sea-facing club is located in Vagator. Chronicle is finely built over five levels and offers a fine dining restaurant with Italian cuisine. The DJ at the lounge plays deep house music.

13. Curlies

Curlies is heralded as the most incredible place for parties in Goa. On immaculate Anjuna Beach, it is among one of the oldest shacks. Revel in a neon-themed based ambiance and party till sunset. Tripping trance music is played from 5 pm onwards and goes on through the night. Curlies maintain the best stock of alcohol and serve mind-boggling cocktails.

Clubs in Goa offer everything from psytrance to techno, from retro to hip hop, from live bands to DJs. If you want to let your hair down till the wee hours of the morning, then check out some of the night clubs mention above in this article and best places to eat in goa.

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Places To Party In Goa FAQs

Q1. What is the legal drinking age in Goa?

A1. The legal drinking age in Goa is 21 years. You need valid identification as proof of age at bars and clubs.

Q2. Is there any specific dress code to party in Goa?

A2. No, Goa party scenes are very relaxed and people have the freedom to wear whatever they want. They usually wear comfortable baggy clothes or beachwear.

Q3. What are the peak party seasons in Goa?

A3. Goa’s party seasons are usually in the winter months, between November and February. Goa keeps hosting various events to entertain its visitors.

Q4. Is it safe to party in Goa?

A4. Goa is considered a safe place for partying. However, it’s important to take precautions and research the place and the area you’re going to visit. Be aware of your surroundings and drink responsibly.

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