ROBINSON - Share the Moment

A holiday at ROBINSON means experiencing unforgettable moments together in a relaxed atmosphere. This special feeling is now also expressed in the new brand claim: Share the Moment!

Your most beautiful moment.

How do you describe your most beautiful holiday moment? It might take place on the beach, someone dear to you by your side, a gentle breeze on your skin and a fresh, delicious looking drink in your hand. Or maybe it’s the moment when your children sit blissfully across from you at dinner after a fulfilling day with new friends, regaling you about their adventures while the mouth-watering aroma of grilled food whets your appetite?

What is certain is that when you experience something particularly beautiful, when a moment is almost perfect and you can enjoy it for what it is, when you have this warm feeling inside that everything around you is just right, then you know that this is an unforgettable moment.

Sharing is the new experience: Share the Moment.
We believe that such special moments become even more precious and memorable when shared with others! That’s why we have a new brand claim for ROBINSON: ROBINSON. Share the Moment. Share your moment, express your happiness and feelings. Experience your moment with those dearest to you and share it with your friends.

We share the most beautiful moments with you.
We share with you what we do best. And we love what we do. Our passion lets us use our experience and knowledge to prepare the most beautiful moments for you in the most wondrous of places. This is how we create that special ROBINSON atmosphere every day of your stay, making it seem so effortless for you to experience inspiring times together.

Experiencing moments together.
How much pleasure do you derive from listening to your overjoyed son, as he talks about catching his very first big wave while surfing? How contented are you when you can finally spend a day together with the whole family, sharing a meal, enjoying each other’s company? How stimulating is it to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine with new friends? Sharing such moments together is simply twice as intense and enjoyable.

Heart-warming memories.
A holiday with ROBINSON is created out of many such moments. Moments that let you feel the light-heartedness of life, that let you switch off and simply set your spirit free. All these moments represent such heart-warming memories of times when you had fun together, making new friends, listening to the cry of the sea, of winning a round of golf. They are memories of shared moments from us to you, of you with your loved ones. Share these moments - Share the Moment!

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Rewards and Incentives

Book Robinson Club Khao Lak During the month of April

Top 02 Bookers will win 2 nights at Double room included breakfast.

Please Note: Although there is no capping on the travel Period. However, in case of cancellation, the rewards will be adjusted the refund.

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