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Thailand Specialist Program

Welcome to E-Learning Program for destination Thailand; the most efficient way to become a Thailand Specialist.

Thank you for your interest in learning all about our beautiful country, its unique culture and diverse vacation experiences – Amazing Thailand, Makes you smile.

Courses Offered

All you need to know

  • Is it convenient to make phone calls in Thailand? What kind of phone card is available to foreign travelers?
  • What important phone numbers should I be aware of?
  • Is English widely spoken?
  • What is the best time of the year that you should plan a visit to Phuket?
  • Is Pattaya good for family with kids?
  • What Currency is used in Pattaya?


very good - Naveen kumar (Thomascook India Ltd)

Its fantastic experience & very knowledgeable. - Amit Bhatnagar (Mountain Beach Travels)

good information - Paarmi Kotak (Student)

Very nice course. Lots of knowledge gained - Vimalesh Kumar R (Ktrs)

Nice outline and concise information. Kudos to TBO Academy - Nitin Dikshit (Nexgen Travel Consultants)

This course is great, very intersting - ANKUR GUPTA (THE TRAVEL SIGHT)

Thailand always amazes and so as this course well prepared with so much new information to me. - Anuj Agrawal (Shree Corp(TPD))

Thailand's adrenaline rush, truly lies here. - Radhika Lohia (S S Industries & Travel)