Sarawak Expert

Located in northwest Borneo Island, just a two hours flight from Kuala Lumpur is a special and rare place blessed with enchanting natural beauty, epic rainforests, some of the most awe-inspiring wildlife on the planet, the world’s biggest cave system, rare flora and fauna, beautiful highlands, rich cultures, and also busy cityscapes. It has a little something for everyone to fall in love with and here in this course, join us on this exciting, insightful and immersive journey of discovery, on the road less travelled – to Sarawak.

Courses Offered


- Mansoor Abidi (Tek Travels DMCC (TBOHolidays))

Excellent course material about Miri and Bintulu - ANIL THOMAS (VEGA MODERN TRAVELER SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED)

Great course - Rabia Belatoui (Lonvidos)