Cabin Overview

United Economy®
  • Wi-Fi available on all trans-Atlantic flights
  • A hearty three-course meal with complimentary beer and wine
  • Up to 32 inches of legroom
  • Ergonomically -designed seats

International Basic Economy®
An option for customers who may be more price sensitive. They will continue to receive the same United Economy cabin experience but with some differences.
  • One full-sized carry-on bag
  • Check-in online and via the United mobile app
  • Customers will not necessarily board in the last boarding group
  • Seat Assignments will be provided at check-in, or at the gate and available before check-in for purchase
United Economy Plus®
A little extra legroom goes a long way.

Nothing gets your trip started on the rightfoot like extra legroom. Purchase Economy Plus® for your next flight. Stretch out with more room to work and relax, sit near the front of the cabin so you can exit the plane easier at your destination and more. You’ll also earn Premier® qualifying miles.
  • More overhead space
  • More under seat storage
  • Faster deboarding for connections
  • Extra legroom and more comfort
United Premium PlusSM
  • Spacious seat with more legroom
  • Welcome meal and pre-arrival dinning in addition to complimentary beer, wine
  • Includes two free standard checked bags
  • An individual power outlet and USB charger
  • Saks Fifth Avenue blanket and plush pillow, noise reducing headphones, and seatback entertainment screens
United® Polaris business Class
  • Up to 198cm of sleeping space
  • Sleep-themed amenity kits help flyers stay relaxed and refreshed
  • Saks Fifth Avenue bedding, including mattress pads for ultimate comfort
  • Inflight dining experience created with The Trotter Project
  • Collaborated with chefs from the Trotter Project to offer global gourmet cuisine
  • Exclusive Polaris Lounge, with shower facilities, elevated food and beverage service, and private sleeping rooms
  • Handpicked wine selections from a Master Sommelier

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