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Universal Resorts Maldives

Escape to Paradise!
Universal Resorts is the pioneering establishment that has led the development of tourism industry of Maldives for over 46 years. The company has been acting as the pivotal pillars that has revolutionized the travel and tourism industry of Maldives. From a fledgling island nation, Universal Resort has been key in branding the island nation as the most sort out travel destinations in the world today.

Universal Resorts has set the benchmark for Maldives and has constantly evolved to set new standards for others to follow. The company strives to push the boundaries by consistently creating an inspirational experience followed with passion!

Courses Offered

All you need to know

  • Are there medical facilities on the resort?
  • How far is Kuramathi from the airport?
  • How are transfers organized?
  • Are children allowed?
  • What is the usual climate?


I am very happy to complete this course, I gather an entire knowledge regarding all these three hotels in Maldives. Thank you for such an excellent informative presentation. - SOMA KAYAL (VINAYAKA HOLIDAYS)

Very nice course - Vimalesh Kumar R (Ktrs)

Excellent - Vimalesh Kumar R (Ktrs)

good - Vimalesh Kumar R (Ktrs)

Interesting - Rabia Belatoui (Lonvidos)