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IATA Certified courses with TBO Academy

TBO Academy is proud to partner with IATA Training and offer their certified courses to our agent partners

The International Air Transport Association (IATA)
is the trade association representing 82% of world’s air traffic. IATA training helps businesses to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably and building career opportunities for their employees. With a commitment to promoting industry standards worldwide, all the courses from IATA have a Global Recognition in the industry.

With TBO Academy, we are introducing only e-Learning Courses on Self Study pattern. This means, that all the study material will be available to you ONLINE. You can study at your own time and complete the course within a specified timeframe.

Check out the complete List of Courses available on TBO Academy and request for information

Why should you take these course and how will they benefit you and your company?

- IATA Certifications are recognized worldwide and even customers understand their importance.

  • Offer as an incentive/ reward missed due to Pandemic – Motivate and increase productivity
  • An opportunity for growth in their career and something to look forward to. 
  • As a Leader/ Manager - Add global accreditation and knowledge to lead and direct your team to a higher performance and create greater possibilities for yourself. 
  • The return on investment? The life of the skills, knowledge, and expertise that you are acquiring through them is endless.
  • Multiply the Learnings and Knowledge.

- Benefits of each course is mentioned on their specific pages

Special Benefits for TBO registered Agent Partners - TBO Agent Partners will be eligible for one of the below FEE Benefits - depending upon the country they register from.

  • Additional Discounts 
  • Usage of Reward point for payment

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