North and South Bohemia

North Bohemia - Romantic Rocks and Mountains

Learn about -
  • Fairytale Bohemian Switzerland national park
  • The gorges of the Kamenice River.
  • Lookout towers across the countryside, over the rocks and mazes, or famous pilgrimage sites.
  • Cable car up to the modern television transmitter on Jested,
  • Highest mountain in the Krkonose Mountains, Snezka,
  • Source point of the Elbe River and with nearby waterfalls.

South Bohemia - Land of Lakes, Castles and Pleasant Landscape

Learn About -
  • A landscape of forests and fishpond, fairytale countryside, storybook castles, and bucolic farmlands. 
  • Historical monuments and top terrain for cycling and water sports.
  • 6,000 lakes, small islands, wetlands, marshes, and peat bogs.
  • Historical UNESCO cities like Cesky Krumlov and the village of Holasovice.
  • Medieval fortresses and Renaissance towns, like Tabor
  • UNESCO's biosphere reserves.

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