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In this small country at the heart of Europe, you will always have a copious wealth of natural and cultural treasures within reach.
Wonderful castles and chateaux, world-famous spas, pristine countryside, historical cities, and legendary cuisine.

Nowhere is too far for you to be able to set out for. Discover the historical heritage of the Czech Republic: the most interesting castles and chateaux, UNESCO monuments, and also the fascinating atmosphere of ancient cities. Treat yourself to a stay in the Czech spas and allow yourself to be pampered, body, and mind. But don’t forget the monasteries, mountains and national parks. In short, stay in the places you like and make time for unusual experiences according to your taste and inclination!

Prague is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the magic of the Czech Republic. The surrounding six regions of the country are just as rich in culture, heritage, and history, which is why the Czech Republic is a standalone travel destination.

Czech Republic Specialist Course

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