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Honeymoon in Dubai - Dont Miss the Safari

February 18, 2021
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We know that when you decide to go on your honeymoon, you want the opportunity to spend ample time with your partner. You want to stay in lavish resorts and book your table for candlelight dinners. You want to enjoy walking by the beach during sunset and sitting together by the swimming pool in your hotel after dinner. The list can go on… However, since you have decided to take up Dubai as that dream destination suitable for your honeymoon, here is something that you cannot skip. In case you haven’t guessed already, we want you to enjoy the safari with your lover. So, take a look at some of the best attractions of the desert safari in Dubai. 

Honeymoon in Dubai

Sunrise and Sunset on the Dunes: The Arabian Desert is a magical place to visit. If you land in Dubai, you need to book your ride to the desert on the previous day so that you can leave well in advance to catch the sunrise. At the break of dawn, when the sky starts glowing and the light dances with the dark shadows on the golden sands, the sight looks majestic. At sunset, the sun can be seen going down behind the sand dunes and bidding farewell to the shimmering grains of sand. This is when you will experience the cool breeze and feel the sand going from hot to cold beneath your bare feet. 

Camel Riding with Your Partner: The camel is the ship of the desert. So, when you opt for the desert safari, you will not only get to see camels but you will also get to ride one. The camel rides usually take place at any time during the day. Each camel takes two riders. Thus, you can easily hop on a camel with your spouse and roam the desert land like a native. However, make sure you have a pain relief spray or balm because the movement of the camel will surely get your back going on a rollercoaster ride.

Opt for a Wildlife Safari: There are two types of wildlife safaris in the Arabian Desert – the one that takes place during the day and the other one take can be availed at night. These safaris are conducted in SUVs and a maximum of 7 to 8 people can be accommodated at a go. As a couple, it would be better if you can book an SUV just for the two of you. On the safari, people usually sport camels, gazelles and more. While people prefer the day safari, we recommend the night one too because many wild desert animals come out from their hideouts at night. You should not miss the chance of seeing them upfront.

Indulge in the Extravaganza of an Arabic Night: The culture of the Arabians can be best experienced if you decide to stay back after sunset. There are many camps in the desert that organize dinner parties and cultural events. The shows include experts playing with fire and balancing themselves while walking on a rope. Another attraction is authentic belly dancing that is enhanced by the lighting. After the cultural event, you will be treated to delicious Mediterranean cuisine for dinner. You can enjoy your meal while listening to live music in the camp. 

Camp with Your Lover under the Stars: Night stays in the Arabian Desert is not uncommon. However, this requires a prior reservation. Cozy camps are set up in the desert with comfortable temporary furniture. The organizers can also set up a bonfire if you wish to enjoy that. You can sit by the raging fire at night while the cold breeze blows. Cuddle under a blanket under the stars and live your moment to the fullest. 

Desert Safari in Dubai is an attraction you cannot miss. You can pay for various activities individually on the spot but that might end up burning a hole in your pocket if you cannot bargain well every time. So, we recommend you to get in touch with a tourist agency and book your desert safari package. There are different packages to choose from and some of them are specially curated for honeymoon couples. Now that you know what is best suited for your vacation, enjoy your trip to the desert and bring back memories from Dubai that will strengthen your bond and help you to live happily ever after.

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