If you have a child, you will look forward to visiting places that will not only provide entertainment but also generate scope for experiential learning. Your child should be exposed to different cultures, food items, natural habitats and more. If learning outside the book is what you are looking for while enjoying your family trip, choose Desert Safari In Dubai as the destination.

This smart city in the Arabian Desert has beautiful structures, delicious food, a luxurious lifestyle and more to offer. And, when it comes to learning through experience, the desert safari is going to win your hearts. Take a look at the activities that you can indulge in during the safari.

Explore the Desert Safari in Dubai

To find the best adventure activity in Dubai can be quite a task, given the multitude of options available. However, our experts have meticulously curated a list of the top destinations in Dubai where you can embark on thrilling adventures and experience unforgettable moments.

Camel Riding with Your Family: 

Desert Safari

As you reach the spot that is open to tourists for experiencing the Arabian culture, you are going to notice camels all around. The camels are usually decorated brightly and that look great in photographs. Take your kid on a camel ride so that he and she can truly understand why the camel is called the ship of the desert. As you ride in the desert, help your child understand how the anatomy of the camels helps the animals to survive in the desert. This is far better than learning through books or visiting a zoo to observe camels from a distance.

Go Up on a Hot Air Balloon Ride: 

Children love balloons. And, when your child spots the hot air balloon in the desert, you will surely have to take him or her for a ride. This is a family activity that will help you to bond better. Let go of your fear while drifting through the air above and glance at the desert animals below. You should carry good binoculars with you for a better experience. Your child will love to explore the Arabian Desert and feel like Aladdin (except the fact that the magic carpet will be replaced by a hot air balloon). 

Go Pro by Renting a Quad Bike: 

Quad biking is an adventure sport that tourists enjoy. The sand dunes of the Arabian Desert are suitable for adventure and ideal for quad biking with safety measures. Take the quad bike up and down the sand dunes and feel like a hero from an action movie. Though this is not recommended for small children, your kid will love riding with you or an expert on the plain end of the desert. Hence, this is going to add immense fun to your vacation. 

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Visit the Desert Camp and Enjoy Gala Music with Dinner: 

The best way to experience Arabian culture in Dubai is by visiting the desert camp. This usually comprises of an evening of entertainment followed by a gala dinner. The evening of entertainment has Arabian professionals playing with fire and walking on ropes without losing their balance. The evening merges into the night with Arabian music accompanied by belly dancing by professionals. This goes on simultaneously with the buffet spread out for dinner. The food items are carefully prepared so that kids can enjoy the delicacies along with their loved ones. If time and money permit, you can also rent a tent for your family and camp in the desert at night. Let your family bonding grow under the starry sky as you enjoy a barbecue by the bonfire. 

The Arabian Desert has plenty of entertainment in store for those families who are travelling with children. All the adventure sports and fun activities are carried out under the supervision of trained experts; thus, if your child wants to try out something for fun, you do not need to hesitate. We recommend that you book your family package to Dubai in advance so that you can enjoy all the activities at affordable prices. In short, the desert safari is going to let your strengthen your bond and give your child the learning experience he or she deserves.