Goan cuisine is famous for tickling the taste buds. The tropical climate of the state calls for intensely flavoured and spicy food. The state of Goa in India has the Arabian sea circumscribing its West Coast. This small state’s cuisine is mostly influenced by Hindu Saraswat origins and the Portuguese, who ruled the state for more than 450 years.

Seafood is consumed by Hindus and Christian, which should not come as a surprise as the state reaps excellent catch from the Arabian sea. Rice is another staple of the Goan diet. The Portuguese introduced tomatoes, pineapples, cashew nuts, and guavas to the local Goans. Feni – a potent alcoholic drink brewed from cashew nuts’ fruit, is as famous as fish curry.

Goan Cuisine and Places To Eat In Goa

Diverse cultures influence Goan cuisine that it encountered over the centennial: Portuguese, Arab, Brazilian, African, French, Konkan, Malabar, Malaysian and Chinese. The three main coterie of Goa — Hindus, Muslims, and Christians — also contributed to the cuisine. This blending of native cultures and foreign is reflected in Goan cuisine.

There is a long list of top cafes and restaurants one can eat at during their stay at Goa. Most famous of which are Thalassa, Eva Café, Tuscany Gardens, The Black Sheep Bistro, Prana café, Sakana, The Leela, Prana café, Anand restaurant, Villa Blanche Bistro, Zeebop, Village square and many more.

Top Restaurants in North Goa


Thalassa, located at Vagotor Goa, Serves delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant has a fantastic seaboard, live music, and mesmerizing sunsets. Its evening is as vibrant as morning is relaxed. Spacious outside lets you feel the cool breeze and savour a picturesque environment.


Tuscany Gardens, located in Candolim Goa, are perfect for savouring thin crust pizza and home-made pasta. They serve the most delicious seafood from prawns, tuna, and calmari, which showcase the traditional Goan style of preparation and taste. The place carries a romantic and cosy vibe and is perfect for evening dining.


The black sheep bistro at Panaji Goa is a lounge restaurant that serves exceptional global cuisines and blends them with local flavours. The food is made from unprocessed farm produce to preserve the freshness. Housed in an old mansion, it has vintage décor with antique walls, painting, wooden floors, and high bar stools. On the menu, they have some exotic dishes inspired by continental, Italian, and German.


Villa blanche bistro in Vagotor Goa situated in a lovely garden, this quaint bistro plates some fantastic vegan and gluten-free food. While breakfast is the key reason to come here, it also has a perfect ambiance to make it a fabulous dining place. The food served is fresh and carries authentic tastes. You get the freshest of salads, quiches, waffles, bread, and bagels.

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Bean me up in Anjuna Goa is a place for vegans and vegetarians. There is something for meat-eaters too. They use organic produce for their food preparations, which gives tasty results. They have a lovely garden ambiance with open-air seating. Their sumptuous menu contains healthy salads, home-made pasta, wood–fired pizzas, and other Mediterranean and American delicacies.

Top Restaurants in South Goa


Riverside, the Leela in Cavelossim Goa, is the lavish Hotel Leela. The site is as attractive as any riverside restaurant can be imagined to be, but that is not its bestselling feature. The feature that makes it divergent is the flavoursome food that this place greets its visitor with the freshly made pasta, the hot and crispy pizzas, and lip-smacking risottos.

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The village square in Majorda Goa is an exceptional property of Park Hyatt; the village square is a restaurant with different themes and menus. The restaurant gloats for hosting four menus. One of which is of Goan dishes, another serving Italian, another for Indian, and finally, one for a casual dining experience.


Zeebop in Majorda Goa is epitomizing the Goan food and vibe experience. The restaurant has a perfect laid-back vibe for a state like Goa and further accentuates tourists’ experience with food to die for. If food is exceptional, then set up is no way inferior. The place lights up during the evening with colorful lanterns, making it look surreal.


In Palolem Goa, blue planet café is known for its hearty and healthy plates; the café offers food prepared with organic ingredients only. Serving some vegan dishes on the menu, this café works as a detox from crazy beach scenes.

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Dropadi in Palolem Goa is one of the very few options that offer Indian cuisine. This place is all about the best pan Indian cuisine and an ambiance that further makes the food more delectable.

Now as you know, Goan cuisine is famous for tickling the taste buds. So, let’s add Goa to your next travel bucket list to plan your vacations.