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Explore the Cuisine in Dubai with Your Kids

February 11, 2021
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Dubai is a hot and happening city where tourism is one of the greatest attractions. No matter which part of the world you live in, you will love to experience the thrill of living in a smart city that has so many adventures to offer. From amusement parks to historical museums to desert safaris, you can name them all and get the same in Dubai. Thus, if you intend to explore Dubai with your child, you will not just want to know more about the attractions but also about the cuisine. As you will be travelling with your kids, you are bound to be concerned about the food you can have. You would love to try out the local food items keeping in mind that your kid can enjoy the delicacies too. Thus, take a look at the various kid-friendly food options you can explore during your family trip to Dubai. 

Explore the Cuisine in Dubai with Your Kids

Chelo Kebab: Chelo Kebab is a dish that can be relished during both lunch and dinner. This is more like a platter that consists of aromatic basmati rice slow-cooked with saffron. The platter is served with kebabs that are coated with extra butter for making them soft and flavourful. The type of kebab served will depend on the diner as per their choice of veg or a non-veg version of this platter. This platter is also accompanied by salad or baked tomatoes to balance the dish. This internationally acclaimed dish is flavourful and kid-friendly. 

Tabbouleh: Many people are of the notion that Dubai is famous for non-vegetarian options. To prove this wrong, visitors must try the famous vegetarian dish in Dubai, tabbouleh. This is a salad that comprises of fresh tomatoes, green onions, and cucumber. The salad is dressed with fresh mint leaves and topped with lemon juice to give it a tangy flavour. This is a very healthy food item that you can try to balance your meals. 

Falafel: Famous all over the world, this Lebanese dish is going to give your taste buds a twist. The main ingredient of this item is ground chickpea or fava beans that are used to form a patty that is ball-like in structure. This ball is then deep-fried till the outer layer forms a crispy crust and the inside remains soft. In Dubai, this flavour is enhanced by adding secret ingredients to this traditional dish and serving it with pita bread and hummus. Feel free to have this for dinner after a day of extensive sightseeing. 

Shish Tawook: Dubai is famous for serving authentic Lebanese cuisine. And, one famous dish that Dubai serves in both street food joints and fancy restaurants is shish tawook. This is a type of kebab that is slow-cooked and char-grilled using aromatic spices. Though this dish comprises of many spices, the flavours are balanced so that even kids can enjoy this. You can pair it up with fries, garlic dips, or pita bread. Have this as a starter or a light snack any time during the day.

Lahem Bl Ajin: This dish can be related to the Italian pizza that we are accustomed with. The dish comprises of Lebanese flatbread cut into conical shapes. The bread pieces are topped with minced cooked meat. The flavour of the meat topping varies from one place to another depending on the spices used. For vegans, vegetarian options for this dish can also be found in Dubai. Going by the description, you can assume that your kid is going to love this Arab pizza.

Oman Chips Roll: Kids love to have chips and adults do not back away in remembering their childhood days. To relive the happy moments of having chips, try Oman Chips Roll from any street food joint in Dubai. This street food has fried chips that are beaten and flattened before being formed into a roll. The centre part is filled with cheese to add flavour and texture to the dish. 

Dubai is a truly hot city, from amusement parks to historical museums to desert safaris, you can name them all and get the same in Dubai. This city has so many extravagant dishes that your palette will always go on a rollercoaster ride. All the dishes in Dubai are suitable for both kids and adults. Thus, sharing a dish is never an issue. However, just to be on the safe side, you can personally request the restaurant staff to keep the spices mild for your children. Their impeccable hospitality will not disappoint you and you will be treated to some of the best food items in the world.

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