Goa is a coastal Indian Union Territory renowned for its sun-kissed beaches and lush landscapes. This vibrant state comes alive with an unparalleled excitement during its numerous festivals, offering a unique blend of traditions, revelries, and cultural splendor. From the techno beats of Goa Carnival to the kaleidoscopic colors of Shigmo, the festivities in this coastal haven are a melange of joy, music, and dance.

We have listed our personal top five that takes place every year in this vibrant state:

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival

Goa becomes the springboard of entertainment during the carnival. Goa carnival features fun and frenzy. The festive mood is exasperated by huge parades that move across the state. These parades are chaperone by live band and dance. Goa forgets to sleep during these three days and nights long festivals. The Goa carnival’s funniest tradition is performing sarcastic jokes by folks dressed up in costumes and pranking people. The moment you realize you are being pranked, you need to pamper the performers with beverages and food.



Shigmo is a spring festival celebrated in Goa. This festival is all about colors, dance, and music, and lit float parades. This fourteen-day long festival is celebrated to honour the homecoming of the warriors. To welcome warriors’ people perform various traditional folk dances and enact mythological stories.



The land is very colorful that you perhaps cannot imagine spectacles and aura during Holi. Despite long years of Portuguese influence retained, this festival is celebrated in Goa with great enthusiasm. The sun-kissed beaches with lines of swaying palms and mystic blue ocean running in Tandem provide a perfect atmosphere.



Sunburn is Asia’s massive electronic music festival, and in December, the festival returns to its homeland, Goa. For three days of the house of EDM and pop on Vagator Beach. Sunburn brings the famous singers and performers on one stage. Sunburn hosts an array of fun activities to give each visitor a festive vibe. Sunburn 2021 lines up some of the biggest names in the music world. People from more than 52 countries reach India to experience it first-hand.


Bonderam festival in Divar island is a festival of flags celebrated in contempt to the past feuds between two village wards – Piedalda and Sao Mathias. The group knocked down demarcation flags with stones. This resulted in a flag festival that occurs like the Portuguese rulers. Locals knock down each other’s flag in memory of their ancestors. The celebration is slightly like the Goa carnival. There are live bands that go along with the parade.

Festivals Of Goa FAQs

1. What makes Goa Carnival popular?

Goa Carnival transforms the state into a lively carnival ground for people from around the world. Featuring massive parades and live bands, this three-day festival is characterized by performers dressed in costumes.

2. How long is the Shigmo festival?

Shigmo is a fourteen days long festival, celebrated to honor the homecoming of warriors.