Scotland is a picturesque country with its galloping mountains and majestic castles sprawled across acres. In this heavenly abode, much to the awe of the travelers, are hidden distilleries that have added to Scotland’s revolutionary movement in the pages of history. This has led to the production of some of the best malts of whiskey, making Scotland one of the premium places for trading whiskey with the world.

The Uniqueness of Scotland’s Whiskey

While Scots call whiskey the ‘Water of Life’, they experiment with the distillation process, grains of the raw ingredients and more. Such experiments led to the production of more than 3000 variants of blended malt whiskey in Scotland alone, making whiskey tours a coveted form of tourism. Thus, booking the best whiskey tour in Scotland is mandatory whether you are visiting Scotland for the first time or not. Let us take a look at some of the best tours you can enjoy during your stay in Scotland.

The Best Whiskey Tours in Scotland

The best whiskey tour in Scotland cannot be listed down in reality. There are so many distilleries with their own enchanting stories to narrate. Keeping this in mind, a few handpicked ones have been brought to the forefront to share how rich the whiskey culture is in the highlands of Scotland.

1. The Scotch Whisky Experience, Edinburgh

If you are the kind of person who enjoys overlooking a historical site and sipping on some of the finest malts in the world, The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh will dazzle you. This property started its whisky tours in 1988 and brought together 19 famous distilleries to baffle the audience. If you sit by the window on a warm sunny afternoon, the shadow falling from the Edinburgh Castle near the Royal Mile will echo whisky secrets in your ears. All the more, you will be able to sample more than 3000 bottles of whiskey blended in Scotland’s heart.

2. The Malt Master Experience, Glasgow

You have surely thought of tasting whiskey before. How would you like the chance to blend your own whiskey using different cask strengths and distillation techniques? Your dream can be made true if you take the Malt Master Experience, organised by Glengoyne Distillery, in Glasgow. This property will let you carry a small part of the highlands with you trapped in a 200 ml bottle, tasting as per your choice of single malt blend during this tour.

3. The Fettercairn Distillery Tour, Aberdeen

The land of Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire is known for its highland landforms. This is the land that has given rise to the Fettercairn Distillery in 1824, located on the foothills of Cairngorms. This is why the distilleries in this region have been able to persist with a unique flavour when it comes to whiskey-making. They are known as the inventor of the copper cooling technique used in the whiskey-making process. At the same time, the crystal-clear mountain water used for distillation adds to the unique flavour of their single malts.

4. The Chivas Blending Experience, Strathisla

They say, “old is gold”, and nothing could justify it more than the Chivas Blending Experience. Located at Strathisla, this is the oldest functional distillery in Scotland that has produced some of the most coveted whiskey blends in the world, including Chivas Regal. While you mix your own combination of malt whiskey at their twin pagoda-style distillery, gaze at the worn-out bricks that have been stolen from the Milton Castle since the 15th century to add more heritage and history to this internationally famous blend.

While the whiskey tours in Scotland can be eternal, the experience will be enchanting and everlasting. Whether you are a novice whiskey taster or a connoisseur, experiencing the whiskey blends like a highlander is undoubtedly recommended. Thus, during your next vacation in Scotland, do not forget to indulge in an authentic Scotch whiskey tour and blending pleasure.

Whisky Tours In Scotland FAQs

1. Why is Scotland famous?

Things like Scottish whisky, castles and Scottish wool are the things that make Scotland different from the world.

2. Best time to visit Scotland?

Late spring and early autumn are the best time to visit Scotland.

3. What food is famous in Scotland?

Scottish delight consists of dishes like Scotch Pies, Scottish Porridge, Cullen Skink and Deep-Fried Mars Bars.

4. What makes the Scottish whiskey different?

Scottish whiskey is famous for the usage of high-quality barley and unique Scottish water that makes the overall taste.  

5. What are the top places for whiskey tours in Scotland?

Speyside, Islay, Highland, Campbeltown are some of the top places to experience Scottish whiskey tours.