Dynamic, cultural, and vibrant – if Washington, DC was ever to be personified, these words would perfectly describe its character. The capital of the United States, Washington, DC has been through a lot, and it is clearly reflected in the city’s architecture, historical monuments, and stunning neighborhoods. That is why, every year millions of people visit it to witness the grandeur and experience US history.  

Washington, DC

If you are planning a trip and wish to explore this city to the fullest, try to take a Washington, DC walking tour. And since there is no dearth of such tours, you won’t have trouble finding one. The only trouble you might face would be which one to pick! 

To help guide your selection, we have jotted down some of the best Washington, DC walking tours. All of these are offered by trusted operators, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Let’s get started! 

  1. History Walking Tours 

For history enthusiasts, there are plenty of Washington, DC walking tours that take you to  notable places and iconic monuments. Many of these tours will focus on the National Mall, where a concentration of monuments and memorials can be found. Popular sites include the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, and Washington Monument.  

History Walking Tours 

If you want a free walking tour in Washington DC, try DC by Foot. This tour company presents pay-what-you-like walking tours that take you through the secrets and stories of history-filled neighborhoods like the National Mall, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, the U Street corridor and even into Virginia to see the nearby Arlington National Cemetery. 

  • How to book:  

You can contact companies like A Tour of Her Own, Black Broadway in Washington, DC, DC Design Tours or DC Nation Tours who all offer walking tours to fit the interests of any group.   

  • Timing:  

Depends on the tour agency. Some tours also take place at night and can last for 4-6 hours.  

  1. Ghost Walking Tours 

If you have already researched the best things to do, you would know that ghost tours in Washington, DC are quite popular. And why not! The city is peppered with historical places with creepy pasts. For instance, The Haunted and Historic Georgetown tour takes you to the eerie Oak Hill Cemetery, the Old Stone House, and the steps from The Exorcist.  

Ghost Walking Tours

Some ghost walks in Washington, DC like the Ghosts of Lafayette Park also tell you the stories of assassinations and duels. No matter which tours you book, be ready for some devilish stories and thrilling experiences! 

  • How to book:  

You can book the tours from operators like AmeriGhost, DC Ghosts, Fiat Luxe Tours, or DC by Foot if you want free Walking tour in Washington, DC.  

  • Timing:  

Most ghost walks in Washington, DC occur at night and may last 2-3 hours.  

  1. Museum Walking Tours 

Just like ghost walks, museum walking tours in Washington, DC are also endless. There are some basic self-guided tours in Washington, DC museums but if you are looking for a personalized experience, you can book private tours.  

Museum Walking Tours 

If you are going with kids, make sure you book Smithsonian Nighttime Adventures at the National Museum of Natural History. They are organized at night where you can wander through the fossil halls, discover aquatic wonders, and visit pollinators! 

Note that almost every Smithsonian Museum offers docent-led interactive tours. So, if your time and budget are more limited, this is also a great option.  

How to book: For Smithsonian Nighttime Adventures you can book here. To find information on each museum’s docent-led interactive tours, head to their respective website. If you’re looking for a private museum tour, many companies in DC can offer this for you. Two great options are DC Insider Tours or Fiat Luxe Tours.  


The tour timing and duration varies on the type you book.  

  1. Walking Food Tours 

For a one-day walking tour of Washington, DC, go for a culinary experience. Such walking food tours take you to some of the best restaurants in popular neighborhoods like Georgetown, U Street and Capitol Hill where you not only get to taste delicious dishes but also get to learn their history.  

Walking Food Tours 

Washington, DC’s gastronomic experience is a melting pot of cuisines from all over the world and the food tours in DC reflect this well. From a tour of U Street NW that will offer a taste of local favorites like the half-smoke and Ethiopian cuisine, to a tour of Dupont Circle that focuses on all the Italian offerings of the area, your options are plentiful.   

  • How to book:  

Book your food walking tour in Washington, DC via companies like DC Metro Food Tours, Mangia DC Food Tours, or Blue Fern Travel. 

  • Timing:  

A food walking tour in Washington, DC may take 3-4 hours based on different cuisines and operators.  

  1. Mural Tours in Popular Neighborhoods  

For a day filled with colorful experiences, choose a self-guided or pre-scheduled mural tour of the city. One great option is the guided tour of NoMa & Union Market. The tour will take you through streets adorned with stunning artworks, each telling a story of its own. From historic landmarks to hidden alleys, these murals breathe life into the cityscape. You can marvel at the intricate details and bold expressions captured by talented local and visiting artists.  

  • How to book:   

You can connect with companies like DC Mural Tours to book a special tour of NoMa and Union Market neighborhoods. Make sure you wear walking shoes and carry water for the tour.   

  • Timings:   

Most mural tours are short and take around 2 hours.   

Wait, There’s More! 

As we mentioned, the list of Washington, DC walking tours is long and exciting. So, if you have planned a long trip or have extra time, you can also try the following walking tours: 

  • Women-centric walking tours like the forgotten women of Arlington Cemetery and hidden history of First Ladies offered by A Tour of Her Own (TOHO)’s.  
  • Highlights tour at the National Zoo where you can learn about animal care and the protection of wildlife habitats. 
  • Architecture-focused tours of the various neighborhoods offered by DC Design Tours.  

That’s it for one trip. Now you can read about these tours and book them in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.  

Happy exploring! 

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Washington, DC Walking Tours FAQS

Is there any free walking tour in Washington, DC?

Yes, there are free walking tours. The most popular options are focused on the National Mall. You can book a tour with DC by Foot if your budget is low since they offer pay-what-you-like walking tours.  

How much does a Washington, DC walking tour cost?

There is no exact cost for a Washington, DC walking tour. It depends on different factors like what is the theme, how long is the tour, and whether it’s a private or group tour. We would suggest you contact the tour operators to know the exact cost.

How long does a Washington, DC walking tour take?

Usually, walking tours can range from 45 minutes to 4 hours. Again, it depends on the type of tour and the number of places it covers.  

can I book a walking food tour in Washington, DC online?

Yes. Just visit their official website and book your favourite food walking tour.  

Which are some of the best walking tour companies in Washington, DC?

Here’s a list of some of the top Washington, DC tour companies who offer walking tours: 
• A Tour of Her Own 
• DC by Foot  
• DC Design Tours  
• DC Insider Tours 
• DC Nation Tours 
• Fiat Luxe Tours 
• Off the Mall Tours