The most beautiful creation of God that exists all around us is nature, which is seen as being essence of beauty. It is common to refer to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as “A Kingdom of Good Fortune.” It is the 5th largest country in Asia, and 2nd largest in West Asia and the Middle East. Sharing borders with both Red Sea and Persian Gulf, most of the terrain of Saudi Arabia is made of arid deserts, vast steppes and mountains.

Unknown Gems of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a Land blessed with unparalleled natural beauty, where you can enjoy golden deserts, pristine beaches, historical monuments, and impressive modern buildings.

With Saudi Arabia opening their doors wholeheartedly to all international visitors, it has become one of the most popular destinations. If you want memorable experiences to add to your travel diaries, check out this magnificent country on your next getaway.

Some of the unheard and untouched places of Arab land that should be a part of your Saudi travel itinerary are:

  • Al Qarah
  • Rijal Almaa
  • Jebel Fihrayn
  • Umluj

Explore the Mountains of Al Qarah

Explore the Mountains of Al Qarah

Al Qarah is one of the Saudi’s lesser-known destinations. Its raw natural beauty has shaped the character and traditions of this region. The area is known for its Palm-tree farms and picturesque villages surrounding the mountains. Their maze-like artisanal shops and restaurants offer some mouthwatering traditional cuisines.

Visit the Gingerbread Village “Rijal Almaa”

Visit the Gingerbread Village

As you enter this beautiful land you are imbibed by their rich culture and history, which is so well treasured. You can see many tribal men still wearing the traditional bright outfits and floral crowns while celebrating the Flower Men festival held every August. This beautiful, bright, and colorful festival is an unforgettable experience and must-do thing for every traveler.

Explore “Jebel Fihrayn,” the edge of the world

Explore "Jebel Fihrayn," the edge of the world

Best reachable by a four-wheel drive, there’s an uninterrupted view from the top across the arid countryside, where you can spot wild camels meandering across ancient caravan routes.

The Maldives of Saudi Arabia -Umluj

The Maldives of Saudi Arabia -Umluj

Sustainable resorts are under development on some islands, but most of the area is a thrillingly untouched natural aquarium. Umluj falls in the corner of the Red Sea with its beautiful turquoise waterfront.


One can explore various locations in Saudi Arabia. Dispel all your misconceptions about this land and make this land a priority on your bucket list. So don’t miss the chance to experience this ‘Kingdom of Good Fortune’.