Travel can be inspirational, learning, to some beautiful memories …for several years now we have been putting our favourite travel quotes on some of our favourite photos from around the World. I share them on my social media, Facebook, and Instagram, and now I am reframing my travel diaries to have a clarity in what I see ahead of our days to come and if this could be an inspiration for all my fellow beings in the travel fraternity So, get ready to be inspired….

“Travel Changes you…. As we move through this Life and this World you can change things slightly; you leave marks behind, however small and in return, life –and travel leaves marks on you most of the time those marks on your body or on your heart are beautiful often
”  -Anthony Bordain.

Uncertainty in life is inevitable, but suffering is optional with all uncertainty happening around us these days travel is all in faded books, lost dreams for individuals and what lies ahead of us is two paths: Negative Mode and Positive Mode Mode to tune lies in all of us; to choose the option is purely ours. As part of travel fraternity, I have strong dreams, and I Know This World is Yours, Mine and ours a beautiful world to explore.

Responsible Tourism: The growing need to travel responsibly is increasing. Today’s travelers are more and more conscious about their choice and its impact on the environment, society, and economy. Understanding consumer behavior is becoming more important with each passing day.

Growing Appetite for Travel

1. Affordable Luxury

Travelling to a destination because there could be a large number of tourists, could get a low-profile interest, as the dynamics have changed, and people have more dispensable income, have more technical assistance, and many other aspects like these. We need to understand which trend is influencing the travelers and work accordingly.

2. Personalization in Travel

A large number of travelers today expect that their vacations are tailor-made. The growing trend clearly shows that people don’t just want to experience a destination, but they want to experience according to their interests. It is time we consider being flexible with our itinerary. 

3. ECO Tourism

Travelers demand to travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and sustains the well-being of local people would be sort after tourist destination; this would ensure the safety of the locals and the traveler at large.

4. Solo Travel

Travelers of solo travel have increased 37% as compared to 2018 as per the WTTC survey; however, this could double in days, it’s a travel to boost individual confidence and getting to learn and understand the World in-depth.

Ours is an industry of dreams; and we are the ambassador to fulfill this dream of fellow beings, this dream of ours can come true if we dream of pursuing them, let’s:

Learn to Live; Live to Grow & Grow to Change!

A Change for the betterment of our self; the betterment of our society, and for a betterment of World at large.

Stay positive, and GOOD things will come our way.