Traveling has always been part of people’s routine around the world, either by the job, particular issues or to relax, have fun, meet new people and see different countries. With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism was one of the most harmed sectors. The travel agencies had to temporarily close, many employees were left unemployed, and the trips had to be canceled or postponed.

Impact of Coronavirus

In perspective, to understand the impact of Coronavirus in the life of Brazilian travelers, opinion research was developed by DucaTrip Instagram, which was voluntary and with the confidentiality of participants. The sample consisted of 113 people, that answered a questionnaire, with 11 questions about the pandemic interference in travel planning or cancellations, initially chosen destinations, the search of information, contents or courses about tourism during social isolation, like TBO Academy, travel behavior without a vaccine for the virus and suggestions for tourism improvement after the pandemic. 

The obtained results point out that most of the participants, 69,9%, were female; of all respondents, 60%, had scheduled trip and had to cancel; among the most cited destinations are Europe (Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Paris), USA (Orlando and New York), Argentina and Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). Other destinations were cited, too, like Japan, California, Greece, Colombia, Cuba, and Canada. Of those planned to travel, 78% reported interference with the plans.

Some people mentioned that they took courses in quarantine like TBO Academy, Disney Agents, Travel Agent Academy, and searches on Google Earth and Street View. In relation to traveling without a vaccine for COVID-19, 29% said they would travel, 26,3% might travel, and 44,7% said they would not. As for the improvement of tourism, the suggestions were: reduction in the price of travel packages (42%), airline tickets (36,8%), and a decrease in the value of tickets for attractions (6%).

One of the research participants, a fellow Brazilian and resident in Orlando, kindly gave her testimony and identification, revealing the impact felt by the pandemic, the economic repercussions, but without losing hope of improvement!

“During Pandemic Times in the USA, Florida has made the top of the list in terms of unemployment claims in the whole country. 
Land of Disney, Universal and Sea World, and many other attractions, Orlando is no longer the happiest place on Earth since so many people are facing unemployment as the hospitality industry is one of the most affected during a pandemic and is the main source of income in this city. 

I have been living in Orlando for 14 years (since January 2006) and always worked in the hospitality industry (Tour operators, hotels, restaurants, etc.), and with no tourists around there is almost nothing available here, my last day of work was March, 22nd and I still don’t have a job. 

We were hoping that things would get better when the parks open, but in reality, it is very uncertain when things will go back to normal for the Floridians, especially now that we have something else to worry about: Hurricane Season. 

Gladly, for most of the people, the unemployment and government financial help have been enough to keep us surviving during the past four months, but it will later this month, so God help us all.”

Sheila Herschberg – Brazilian, 39 years old

We know that the pandemic period has brought many afflictions and uncertainties, but we sincerely hope that, despite the difficult time we’re experiencing, new alternatives and procedures in the tourism sector can emerge, providing us again with the incredible feeling of traveling the world, an emotion that cheers and nourishes our hearts and leaves unforgettable records in our memory!

The pandemic times also presented the need to learn constantly and use free online courses, for enhancing a person’s existing skills.

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