Western Australia, an expansive and remarkably diverse state, remains a well-kept treasure with landscapes that defy imagination. From enigmatic rock formations and age-old Aboriginal sites to expansive vineyards producing world-class wines and the pristine, azure waves along the coastline, Western Australia is a realm of boundless exploration. Amidst the vastness of Western Australia, there’s a perpetual invitation to indulge in the pleasures of savoring exquisite wines, sharing the ocean with majestic giants, and immersing oneself in the sheer wonder of its natural beauty.

Top Tourist Attractions in Western Australia

It’s your travel style that will dictate where you visit in Western Australia. Looking for a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle, head to Rottnest Island; want to discover the history and funky art at the same time; go to Fremantle or feed kangaroos at Swan Valley. There’s so much to see and too much to do in Western Australia that the list can be never-ending.

1. Perth


The sunniest city, Perth is famous for its pristine white beaches, scenic parks, bars, food and street art. This is one of the best places to visit in Western Australia if you don’t just want to relax but discover the haste of the city by immersing in the beautiful art galleries, historic neighborhoods, and busking.

Perth is a vibrant public space with a constantly changing mix of cultural and artistic activities, which is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Its captivating cultural precinct is home to performance spaces, art galleries, and a stunning new museum that immerses you in the stories of Australia’s traditional owners and their spiritual connection to the land. It is set against an arresting backdrop of state heritage buildings and striking modern architecture

Things to do in Perth:

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing

Best Time to Visit: 

The best time to visit Perth is during the spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May) when the weather is mild and pleasant.

2. Fremantle


Fremantle, Freo, for locals, is a popular destination to visit in Western Australia because of its forever buzzing colorful markets. You can find the freo charm in the city’s narrow streets, where you will spot one-off shops, quirky buskers, tiny art stalls, funky street art, and ofcourse, eateries. It’s hard to leave Fremantle/Walyalup once you get drawn in and want to stay forever.

Its appeal is found in its winding alleyways surrounded with old buildings, seagull-strewn harbour, fishing boats floating in the water, one-of-a-kind businesses, unusual brewers, and eccentric buskers. You may take a 25-minute rail trip or a 30-minute drive down Stirling Highway to get there from the heart of Perth.

Things to do in Western Australia, Fremantle:

  • The Old Synagogue
  • Fremantle Markets
  • Fremantle Prison
  • Cappuccino Strip
  • Bathers Beach

Best Time to Visit: 

Similar to Perth, the best time to visit Fremantle is during the spring (September to November) or autumn (March to May).

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3. Swan Valley

Swan Valley

The oldest wine region of Western Australia is 30 minutes away from Perth CBD/Boorloo. The valley is a patchwork of grapevines, galleries, cellar doors, breweries and produce stalls. Fully immerse yourself in the unpolished style and taste more than 180 years of winemaking. Also, the valley is not all about wine and breweries, it’s a diverse place for all ages. You can hold koalas and feed kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park, where you will also find train rides and playgrounds.

The area is home to a thriving community of artisans. This is where you’ll find coffee roasters hauling hessian sacks of beans, gin distillers applying bottle labels, restaurant owners hand-picking asparagus and winemakers pouring tastings in between checking barrels. There is a comfortable inclusivity even at the larger vineyards, such Mandoon Estate and Sandalford Wines. It is what distinguishes the Swan Valley.

Things to do in Western Australia, Swan Valley:

  • Go Golfing at Vines Mini Golf
  • Visit Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park
  • Splash water at Perth’s Outback Splash
  • Say hi to Australian inhabitants at Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Horse Riding

Best Time to Visit: 

The Swan Valley is enjoyable throughout the year, but the spring and autumn months offer pleasant weather for outdoor activities.

4. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

With its dazzling white sand, crystal-clear water that you can see to your toes, and beautiful bays created by naturally carved rocks, Rottnest’s beaches are like a little piece of heaven. There are 63 isolated beach coves in all, connected by paved walking and riding pathways.

Geordie Bay, The Basin, and Little Parakeet. Swap the city rush for an idyllic escape to Rottnest Island, located 12 miles off the coast. This is one of the most tranquil places to visit in Western Australia will make you feel a world away. Rotto, as called by locals, is home to the island’s most famous resident – the quokka. Also, this protected nature reserve boasts unique flora and fauna.

Things to do in Western Australia Rottnest Island

  • Beach – Hopping
  • Get a quokka snap
  • Whale Watching
  • Location: Rottnest Island is situated 12 miles off the coast of Western Australia.

Best Time to Visit: 

The best time to visit Rottnest Island is during the summer (December to February) when the weather is ideal for beach activities.

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5. Mandurah


A lifestyle town with an ideal holiday vibe is just an hour away from Perth. People are drawn to Mandurah because of the relaxing canal cruises and dolphins. Yes, dolphins, you read that right, you can spot dolphins in the Mandurah Estuary’s clear waters.

Travelers can also walk along the boardwalk and choose from the variety of restaurants alongside. People come here to enjoy the canals that meander between grand houses and the possibility of seeing dolphins playing in the crystal-clear waters of the Mandurah Estuary. Families who can let their kids run free to the playground areas that are shaded by trees as well as picknickers who appreciate the broad, grassy stretch along the estuary are drawn to the Mandurah waterfront.

Things to do in Western Australia, Mandurah

  • Birdwatching
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Golf, Sailing
  • Skydiving
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Swimming

Best Time to Visit: 

Visit Mandurah during the spring or autumn for comfortable temperatures and outdoor activities. With all this and so much more. Western Australia is waiting for its visitors to come and experience the dream. What are you waiting for? Book your next holiday destination NOW!!

Top Places to Visit in Perth FAQS

1. What is Western Australia known for?

Western Australia is popular for its whitest beaches and the largest expanse of outback, one of the world’s oldest known living communities, UNESCO World Heritage reef and rock formations, world-class surf, and premium wines.

2. What are the hidden gems of Western Australia?

 Here are a few hidden gems of Western Australia that one must not miss:

Turquoise Bay
The Pinnacles
The Gap and Natural Bridge
Cape Le Grand National Park
Greens Pool
Gantheaume Point
The Grove Distillery & Brewery
Meelup Beach
Little Beach
Wave Rock

3. What is the easiest mode of transportation to reach Western Australia?

Air travel is the ideal mode of transportation for a quick and hassle-free journey.

4. Where can we easily get currency exchange done in Western Australia?

Banks and credit unions are often the best venues to convert money since they offer the best exchange rates and charge the lowest costs.

5. What outdoor activities can be enjoyed in Perth?

Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. The city’s scenic parks and beaches provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures.