Argentina, The name conjures up images of mystery and romance. The country is noted for its luxury and taste in the better things, not only because of the gaucho cowboys, Eva Perón, and Che Guevara’s birthplace, but also because of its gaucho cowboys, Eva Peron, and Che Guevara’s birthplace. Argentina is continuously setting the standard for Latin America, from beautiful tango dance to world-renowned meat, and its growing luxury hotel sector is no exception.

10 Top Luxury Hotels Of Argentina

1. Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aries

Alvear is one of the best places to stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital and largest city, with rooms beginning at around $400 USD. For seminars, business meetings, corporate launches, or major social events, the hotel has eleven stunning halls with capacities ranging from 10 to 800 people.

The hotel’s suites range in size from single bed “Palace Classic” hotel rooms to grand deluxe suites. The hotel’s spa is known for its relaxation and beauty programmes, as well as pools, solariums, and a staffed fitness centre. The Alvear Grill serves modern Argentinian cuisine, while L’Orangerie offers a full-service traditional dining area. After a five-star supper, stroll down to the Lobby Bar or up to the iconic outdoor Alvear Roof Bar for a nightcap.

2. Faena Luxury Hotel, Buenos Aries

A hotel with many sites across the world, just a few blocks from Alevar, has earned its name on great service and fantastic accommodations. The Faena boasts fantastic food, expert tango dancers, and a stunning theatrical décor that will make you feel like you’re on the red carpet.

Singles and duplexes are available, as well as soaring studios and top-of-the-line flagship suites. There are two full-service restaurants, many bars, and a well regarded spa in the hotel. The Bistro Sur serves traditional Spanish “haut” cuisine, while the El Mercado offers al fresco eating in a traditional ceramic oven. The spa is a terrific location to rest and unwind after a treatment or a steam session.

3. Palacio Dahau, Park Hyatt Buenos Aries

The Hotel Palacio Duhau, the Park Hyatt of Buenos Aires, is located on the Avenida Alvear, amid the city’s most popular residential shopping neighbourhood. With rooms starting at $450 USD and a name like Park Hyatt, this chateau-styled luxury hotel lives up to its reputation. It is surrounded by regional attractions that are sometimes within walking distance, as well as a number of five-star restaurants and pubs. Spa treatments with some of the best massage therapists in the world are booked daily at your discretion.

4. House of Jasmine, Salta, Argentina

If you’re searching for a more personal vacation experience, the House of Jasmines is a lovely, isolated place with a laid-back style reminiscent of a classic “Bed and Breakfast.” But don’t be fooled by that; the Fenestraz family has designed all of their rooms and suites to be the epitome of “comfort” and “refinement.

“These luxurious accommodations begin at $110 USD, while the surrounding grounds provide a variety of packages and attractions, including one of Argentina’s largest wineries, horseback riding in the Andes, cooking lessons, and full-fledged honeymoon packages. The house restaurant, La Table, focuses on local farm-to-table Argentinean food and has a huge fireplace and clay oven.

5. Los Cauquenes, Ushuaia

Los Cauquenes Resort, located on the Beagle Channel’s coastlines, provides active adventure and tourism, culinary experiences, spa and wellness treatments, poolside service, and some of nature’s most beautiful vistas.

If you’re searching for excursions after which you can return to your accommodation and be properly pampered, this is the resort for you. Fantastic cuisine is available both in town and at Gourmet Patagonia, the hotel’s restaurant. Schedule a spa treatment or take a day out to explore the wonderful surroundings. The cost of a room here starts at roughly $250 USD.

6. Park Hyatt, Mendoza

The Park Hyatt is no exception to the five-star expectation that comes with a five-star designation. Their hotel in Mendoza, Argentina, has both rooms and suites, with rates starting at roughly $200 USD. Bistro M. Restaurant & Terraces, Grill Q, and the elegant Uvas Lounge or Ambar Living Bar are among the hotel’s restaurants.

The Park Hyatt’s position, located in the heart of the Andes, is ideal for visiting some of the country’s top vineyards. The Maip Winery and the Luján de Cuyo Winery are two of these wineries, both of which are within a fifteen-minute drive away.

7. The Vines Resort and Spa, Mendoza

This aptly titled resort and spa is a modest piece of one of Argentina’s largest vineyards, located in the heart of the country’s wine country. A stay in this paradise starts at roughly $900 USD and includes over 21 villas, traditional open-flame cookery, and award-winning wines.

The resort also provides basic spa services, a brand new state-of-the-art pool, Blend-Your-Own-Wine tours, and many hiking/horseback riding choices into the Andes, in addition to outstanding cuisine and great wine. You may also select from a superb gym, outdoor exercise sessions, yoga lessons, and other health-related therapies.

8. Casa de Uco Vineyards and Wine Resorts, Mendoza

Casa de Uco, another fantastic destination to see, is a stunning contemporary structure designed to blend in with the surrounding natural scenery. The hotel staff is courteous and takes their traditional code of hospitality seriously, resulting in a high level of customer satisfaction and many return guests.

Uco boasts a full-service spa and stunning views of the surrounding countryside, with rates starting at $390 USD. They promote farm-to-table sustainability in their restaurants and even provide tours of their private wineries and vineyards.

9. Arakur, Ushuaia

This Andean castle is located in the middle of the Reserva Natural Cerro Alarkén, yet it nonetheless provides first-class amenities such as a glass-walled lobby with a stunning view, a buffet breakfast, and a noise-free business centre. A city centre shuttle, as well as guided hiking expeditions. There’s a heated pool, a gym, and even ski shuttles and services. Rooms start at roughly $300 USD per night and include access to the Reserve, all of its facilities, and even full-scale theatrical musicals performed on-site.

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10. Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Bariloche

Llao Llao is a cypress and hemlock monster that transforms luxury into a rustic aesthetic. This gaucho-themed Hacienda resort features a park, 18 holes of golf, five restaurants, and accommodations beginning at $300 USD. This frontier-styled hunting lodge of a resort offers hundreds of rooms, an on-site concierge and in-house medical staff, a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities, and it sits right on many lovely lakes just begging to be explored or lounged upon.

Luxury Hotels Of Argentina FAQs

What is Argentina popular for?

Argentina is popular for its diverse culture that is filled with vibes catering to travelers of every kind. Be it the wildlife havens or nightlife buzz, Argentina’s travel bucket list is an amalgamation of contradictions. The country is also famous for Tango, wine, and football.

What is the best time to travel to Argentina?

The best traveling time in Argentina depends on the region you wish to explore. The climate of Argentina differs in the North, South, and Central regions. However, if you want to traverse the whole country, we suggest you do so during the springtime (October to mid-December) and autumn (April to mid-June). The weather is soothing, and you can enjoy every city with ease. To avoid crowds, November-February months are best.

What is the currency used in Argentina, and how convenient is it to exchange currency?

Argentina’s official currency is Argentine Peso (ARS). Its symbol is the same as the dollar sign ($). Exchanging currency can be a bit complicated in Argentina when compared to other countries. It is advised that you should carry enough cash with you when traveling to Argentina. You can exchange the currency at your local American Express, Thomas Cook, or bank before you leave home. ATMs, hotels, Casas de Cambio (money exchange houses), and banks can also exchange the money, but the exchange rates can be bad. One of the best options to travel cashless is Western Union. Send yourself money and pick it at the arrival with the best rates.

What is the voltage in Argentina?

The standard voltage in Argentina is 220V, and the frequency is 50Hz. In terms of power plugs and sockets, type C and I are available.

Are the vegetarian meal options available in Argentina?

Yes, you can find various vegetarian meals in Argentina. Some of the best one you can try are Ravioles, Provoleta, Tartas saladas, Empanadas, Seitan Milanesa, and Alfajores de chocolate. You can also dine at the vegetarian restaurants such as Bodhi, Bio, Meravigila, Sarkis, Taj Mahal and Tandoor.

What are the top hotels in Argentina?

The top hotels in Argentina are Alvear Palace Hotel, Buenos Aries, Faena Luxury Hotel, Buenos Aries, Palacio Dahau, Park Hyatt Buenos Aries, and House of Jasmine, Salta, Argentina.

Which is the top hotel in Mendoza?

Park Hyatt, Mendoza is one of the best hotel in Mendoza, Argentina.