Travel is something we all love. So much to see and so much to learn. With this blog, I am sharing my experience of this beautiful small Mountain town known as Mukteshwar in Uttrakhand District. So, come and be a part of my journey to Mukteshwar.

Departure from Delhi

Early morning, we took our train from New Delhi railway station to Kathgodam, which is the most convenient way to Uttrakhand, and from there, we further traveled 50 km by road to reach Mukteshwar.

Reaching Kathgodam

We reached Kathgodam about 11:30; a pre-booked car was waiting for us to drive us to our Hotel Mukteshwar Himalayan Resort. The resort is located in Sitala, which is about 10 km from Mukteshwar town, and it is surrounded by mountains and trees, which makes it a perfect place for relaxation. The staff at the reception is very welcoming and friendly. We booked the Himalayan Suite, which I think had the best Mountain View, where one can see the sunrise from the balcony’s comfort. The suite has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small sitting area, perfect for a family stay.

Prepared for the Day to Explore

I am an early riser – especially on a Holiday, so I put on my expedition shoes, jacket and I was ready to explore the resort. After the beautiful Sunrise, we were prepared for the day to explore Mukteshwar. The drive was so peaceful and beautiful. On our way, we saw a garden from where we could see the 360-degree view of a nearby mountain slope, so we stopped here for a short photo session.

On reaching the town, we first went to Chauli ki Jaali is a picnic spot with some adventure activities like Zip Lining. There are also some food stalls selling Juices, Maggi, and Rajma Chawal. So after a small stop, we continued our hike to the temple. The mountain view from the temple was mesmerizing beyond words.

Historic Temple Visit

Next, we went to Mukteshwar Temple, a small historic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated on the mountain top, which can be reached by climbing about 90 steps or via hiking route via Chauli Ki jaali. So, we took the latter option and hired a guide. The trek up to Chauli ki Jaali was fine, but further to the temple, it was quite challenging.

Water Falls and Rock Climbing

After that, we went to Bhaalu Gaand Falls, a short drive from the city center. We started our walk through the jungle and could hear the sound of a waterfall. After much walking cum hiking and crossing small streams, we finally could see the Bhaalu Gaand falls. This was the last point where one can reach by walking and hiking. To reach the main fall, one has to do a bit of rock climbing; then, one can reach the foot of the fall.

Seeing the difficulty level, I was unsure whether to go or not, but then I saw a girl coming from the other side, and I asked her. Is it worth all the pain to go there, and she was like array if you have come that far, why not go there? Her words gave me strength, and I started climbing down the rock, and finally, we reached the foot of the fall. I felt terrific, as I have tried something new and was able to do all this and overcome my fears of hiking and rock climbing.

Departure Back to Delhi

Early in the morning, I got up again to see the sunrise, which we missed living in a City. It’s such a memorable experience. Morning walks with such a beautiful view is so refreshing. After the walk and a tea from a local vendor, it was time for us to head back. The drive is smooth on this route, and we reached on time to the railway station to board our train for Delhi.

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