Dubai, the smart and the most happening city in the UAE, is a desert city. Naturally, this city is always on the bucket list of those travellers who would like to explore the lifestyle and adventures that a desert land has to offer.

Desert Safari Attractions in Dubai for Female

For female travellers who are visiting Dubai for the first time, it is recommended that they book their safari trips and adventure activities via a trusted tourist agent well in advance to get discounts. They have packages that are specially curated for female solo travellers and these can be bought at attractive prices in advance. Hence, do not hesitate to gear up and experience these attractions as you head for your exclusive desert safari

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset: 

Sunrise and Sunset Dubai

The glowing sun setting across the distant horizon is a sight you are familiar with. However, you do not get to see the same phenomenon across the desert every day. Watching the sunrise and sunset is an extravagant experience. Get photographed as a silhouette standing on the shimmering sand. Feel the sand beneath your feet change its temperature as the sunrays kiss them and bid goodbye at sunrise and sunset respectively. 

Ride a Camel and Feel like a Pharaoh: 

Camel Ride in Dubai

The Pharaohs in Egypt used to travel from one place to another on the camelback. The camels were adorned with jewels and regal décor to look remarkable. The camels involved in desert safari have similar attire. Tourists can enjoy riding and exploring sand dunes all around. In case it is your first time riding a camel, do carry a pain relief spray for your body will go on a rollercoaster ride!

Go for Quad Biking and Feel the Adrenaline Rush: 

Quad Biking in Dubai

Among several adventure sports available in Dubai, quad biking is one of the biggest attractions. This is quite safe as long as you do not turn out to be a daredevil who goes to explore the lofty sand dunes and get lost! Jokes apart, quad biking is such a sport that will make you feel the adrenaline rush as you speed up. Don’t forget to get photographed like a pro and upload the same on your social media to be the coolest one in your circle. 

Explore the Arabian Desert on a Hot Air Balloon: 

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

The Arabian Desert is known for its grand sand dunes and exotic flora and fauna. Flying in a hot air balloon is very popular and you are expected to book your slot in advance. Make sure this activity is included in your package if you purchase one. The hot air balloon ride will give you wings to fly. You will have fun zooming in to watch the camels walking below you. If you are lucky and have good binoculars, you will spot many desert animals as well. 

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Take a Detour while Sand Bashing and Go for a Wildlife Safari: 

Sand Bashing in Dubai

The desert is vast and full of surprises. While some people prefer hopping on a Land Rover and enjoying the four-wheel drive, others might refrain from sand bashing. If you feel scared of testing the speed and control of the SUVs, you can take a detour and go for a wildlife safari. This adventure can be experienced during the day and at night too. Thus, make plans accordingly. 

Attend the Party on an Arabian Night: 

Night View Dubai

The desert safari is incomplete without relishing the Arabian delicacies, watching performers play with fire, and foot tapping while watching beautiful ladies belly dancing to perfection. This is the culture that usually comes to the minds of the travellers when they think of experiencing an Arabian Night. Apart from enjoying the show and gorging on food and wine, you can choose to spend the night camping in a tent. Sleeping underneath the stars in the Arabian Desert is an experience of a lifetime.

When in Dubaiplenty of attractions will lure you. However, you should keep your budget aside for this grand desert safari. Get a chance to combat your fears and bring out the adventure in you. Mingle with the locals, praise the delicious food and wine, and have a luxurious stay in the camp. This is an experience you will cherish all your life. So, don’t miss out on this extravaganza and enjoy your female solo travel goals to the fullest in Dubai.