Romance can be found where your partner is. Be it in the lofty mountains or the dense forests or the hot and humid desert, there is no place that will disappoint you when you are with your partner. However, there are a few places that offer magnificent views, breathtaking natural beauty, exotic food and more. These add to the glamour of the place and make it good enough for enjoying a vacation with your spouse. One such coveted place on the list of every traveler is Dubai, the desert city.

Date Night in Dubai

This city is known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. This is why people often think of Dubai as a perfect place for their honeymoon. If you are a newly married couple and you have chosen Dubai as your honeymoon destination, you must be wondering how to spend a perfect date night. We have a list of restaurants for you that you should consider to enhance your dining experience on your date night.

Date Night in Dubai with your Special Someone

Dine with the Waves at Pierchic

 Pierchic is one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai. This restaurant is located in Madinat Jumeirah in the Arabian Sea. Yes, you heard it right! The restaurant has a private pier that stretches into the sea before establishing a romantic restaurant. The restaurant is known to serve mouthwatering seafood delicacies that will make you crave for more. The biggest attraction of this restaurant is the ambience, of course. As the restaurant is built on a pier, you will enjoy listening to the waves making a roaring sound before crashing on the shore. You will enjoy the cool breeze that blows while you catch up on your favourite things. The setting is perfect for a romantic dinner.

Gorge on Delicious Thai Food at Pai Thai

Pai Thai is an authentic Thai food restaurant that has been dominating the food sector in Dubai. This restaurant has a strategic location at Madinat Jumeirah. The restaurant is built on the artificial canal and has private boats for travel. Guests are escorted to the dining area on traditional Arabic boats known as Abra. The restaurant has outdoor seating but the seats are limited in that section. Therefore, prior booking is recommended if you want to enjoy your dinner with the view of the Burj Khalifa, the artificial canal, the busy streets and more.

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Cuddle Together at Fish Beach Taverna

 Fish Beach Taverna is the restaurant in which the ambience gives you the feeling of being a part of a romantic movie. This restaurant is set up on the private beach of Le Meridian Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina. The restaurant has two seating areas – one on the beach and one in the garden. Couples usually prefer dining on the beach with fairy lights twinkling above their head. They enjoy delectable Mediterranean, Turkish, and Greek cuisines. Plus, the view of the calm sea in front and the busy part of the city behind them offers a contrast in the ambience. 

Dine by the Pool at The Eauzone

 Dining by the pool is always a romantic thing to do. And, dining by a pool that is situated very close to the sea beach is even more romantic. If this is an ambience you are looking for, head to The Eauzone. This restaurant is a part of The Royal Mirage and has a beautiful ambience. The restaurant gives the fine dining vibe because of the tasteful minimalistic décor. There are two main sections that can be accessed via an artificial street winding down the waters. The seating arrangement is indoors but the clear glass walls provide an ample view of the breathtaking surroundings. 

Dubai is a city that evokes luxury. And, this gradually steers towards enhancing a romantic experience. There are many restaurants in Dubai that offer rich aromatic food and beautiful ambience. So, lovers who are looking forward to a romantic dinner after a day of travelling around can visit any good restaurant in the city. Couples can choose a restaurant based on their choice of cuisine, setting, and more. Thus, now that you know where to visit during your honeymoon, feel free to start packing your Sunday’s best to wear on your date night in Dubai as it is best honeymoon destination to spend romantic time with each other.